The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides the services in obtaining the licence for servicing of networks.

Today, without TV and broadcasting it is difficult to provide normal life. By means of communication networks, we plan everyday leisure, we obtain necessary information, and we learn something new about events in the world.

But in providing such services, there is the number of nuances from which the main thing is obtaining the licence. Only such document grants the right to work legally.

License for maintenance of networksLicensing of maintenance of networks

For legitimation of the activity, the Internet service provider needs to obtain the licence for maintenance and operation the telecom of networks and to enter itself in the Register NKRSI as the operator. Or it is possible to sign the agreement with the operator who already has this licence and to be registered in the Register of NKRSI as a provider.

Both legal and natural persons in each certain settlement are subject to licensing. Among them:

  • owners of telecommunication networks;
  • tenants telecom of networks;
  • the telecommunication networks built by subjects of licensing for other enterprises;
  • The equipment which was sold earlier, but is now used by other company the TV set of networks.

Subjects of managing can provide services in maintenance and operation of networks only in the regions specified in the licence. It is possible to be active within radio TV and broadcasting, wire broadcasting and telecommunication networks.

“Alt-Brayer” will help with the problem resolution

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides the wide range of legal services in the field of licensing of technology service of networks:

  • License for operation of networksconsultation with the client on all questions of licensing;
  • detailed informing customer on the legislation of Ukraine;
  • collecting and registration of the package of documents;
  • preparation and submission of documentation in bodies of licensing;
  • Obtaining the licence for the client.

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” will undertake all questions connected with licensing of telecommunications. The staff of our company will always find the way to the solution of your problems and will provide a necessary result for the shortest terms.