Licence for the pharmacy UkraineThe international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides consulting services and the practical legal aid for subjects of business activities in the field of licensing of pharmaceutical activities for all territory of Ukraine.

Licensing of pharmacies, pharmaceutical warehouses, booths and another pharmaceutical activity has special licence requirements. If you were going to occupy the niche of pharmaceutical business, to start activity it is necessary to take care of it:

  • the diploma confirming qualification of the pharmacist-pharmacist;
  • regulating documents;
  • charters, the allowing production and trade in medical supplies;
  • The room answering to regulations of production requirements.

Application for licensing for the pharmacy

The licence for retail trade by medicines (or, the licence for the pharmacy) works is termless and is issued by Public service on control over medicines.

For obtaining the necessary document, the application and papers confirming readiness for the beginning of activity are submitted. This event is confirmed by the corresponding statement. The copy of the inventory with an indication of the date of submission of documents and the authorised signature remains at the applicant.

Obtaining licence for the pharmacy. Enter our services:

  1. informing on the legislation of Ukraine;
  2. consultation with the client on the questions interesting him, concerning procedure of licensing;
  3. preparation of documents for giving in bodies of licensing;
  4. assistance in receiving the allowing papers necessary for the case;
  5. filing of applications in the relevant state bodies;
  6. Receiving and submission of the necessary licence to the client.

Package of documents for obtaining the licence for the pharmacy

License for a pharmacyTo obtain the licence for the pharmacy, the subject of managing needs to address in corresponding instance, having the following documents:

  1. the statement of the established form;
  2. Sheets of the material and technical resources and qualification of personnel.

After the supply of the above-stated papers, exit check regarding compliance of material resources is appointed. And further, after complex studying of the acquired information, the relevant decision will be passed.

Obtain the licence for the pharmacy, as well as any other document permitting some business activity in Ukraine, rather hard. But “Alt-Brayer” will help you.

If during the procedure of preparation of documents, when checking, or at other stages of obtaining the medical licence you had unexpected difficulties – specialists of the Alt-Brayer company will solve all problems quickly, qualitatively, and is inexpensive.