The international law company “Alt-Brayer” is engaged many years in different types of licensing including licensing of the weapon.

Today the subject of acquisition of the weapon for the purpose of protection of the family and property for most of Ukrainians became quite popular. But, with respect thereto, on the market also the set of illegal tools got. Each owner of the gun shall understand that purchase, storage and carrying the weapon, according to the Ukrainian legislation, shall be confirmed with the licence, otherwise – these actions pull for themselves a criminal liability.

Main requirements for registration of the licence for the weapon

 Licence for the weapon

In the territory of Ukraine purchase of several types of weapon is allowed, possession of which shall be confirmed by the licence:

  • traumatic;
  • fire smooth-bore;
  • cut.

The first stage on the way to obtaining permission is collecting of the package of documents. Not to be mistaken with details, it is better to specify quantity and forms of papers in the local District Department of Internal Affairs. But, in addition to the standard set of copies of documents and other, there are some more special legislative requirements which future owner of the gun needs to execute:

  • the certain room isolated from other subsidiary rooms;
  • availability of fire-prevention system;
  • the safe, or metal case for storage of the subject of the licence;
  • directly for the designer of permission:
  • document on non-conviction;
  • health declaration;
  • Confirmation of passing of courses on weapon handling.

 Licence for the weapon KievThe traumatic weapon, as a rule, is guns and revolvers. The right to their acquisition, only law enforcement officers, deputies, government employees and journalists generally have. On the cut and fire smooth-bore weapon permission is issued at the observance of the number of legislative conditions: the last is available to citizens who reached 21 years, cut – 25 years.

The purchased weapon without fail should be registered in bodies of the authorisation system for 10 days. Such document three years and every time it works it is necessary to renew.

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The international law company “Alt-Brayer” is engaged many years in different types of licensing including licensing of the weapon.

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