In our country trade in tobacco products is considered rather profitable business. According to the statistics 2014, Ukraine is included into ten the countries of Europe on sales volumes of tobacco.

According to the legislation of our state, for the successful beginning of the business, the entrepreneur is obliged to obtain the licence for this type of activity. Otherwise, it will show you penalties in the double size from the bag of the cost of goods. The minimum penalty is 1700 UAH.

Legislative party of obtaining licence for wholesale trade

License for wholesale trade of tobaccoWholesale trade is a process of acquisition of products for the subsequent its implementation by entrepreneurs or other subjects of activity. Respectively, the licence for wholesale trade by tobacco is the document of the state sample which grants the right to the entrepreneur freely and on legal grounds to be engaged in the above-mentioned activity.

To get so important permission for implementation of wholesalers of tobacco, it is necessary to fulfil the following requirements:

  • before submission of documents on obtaining the licence, subject of entrepreneurship shall bring the payment for implementation of trade;
  • rooms (sales points and warehouses) shall answer regulations of fire safety, are equipped with the security alarm system, phone line and other important elements;
  • there have to be necessary material and technical resources (stands, places of preparation of documents and registration of transactions and so forth)

It is possible to obtain the necessary licence quickly and cheap

To relieve itself of preparation of documents, refining of regulations of the legislation and other efforts with state bodies, it is necessary to address lawyers. Specialists of the international company “Alt-Brayer” are ready to consider the problem of any complexity in the field of licencing of trade in tobacco products. Our lawyers have long-term experience of the solution of similar questions and will prompt the exit from any current situation.

Enters services of our company:

  • Licensing of wholesale tobaccoconsultation with the client about the process of licencing
  • informing on the legislation of Ukraine, including the last changes;
  • representation of interests of the client in state bodies;
  • collecting and registration of the necessary package of documents;
  • supply of papers in relevant organs;
  • The help in obtaining the licence.

We are always glad to see you in the Alt-Brayer company, to help with the problem resolution and to promote in the development of your business. Our specialists will make everything quickly, qualitatively and for reasonable prices!