The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultations and services to subjects of business activities concerning licensing of transactions of procurement and processing of non-ferrous metal. We promote registration and obtaining the licence for activity with non-ferrous scrap existing in all territory of Ukraine.

Products, or the parts of products unsuitable for use that is which lost the functional capabilities owing to moral or physical ageing as a part of which there are particles of metal or its alloys are considered as scrap metal. Here defective products which cannot already use enter.

Licence on colour scrap metalProcedure of obtaining of the licence

Only legal entities need to obtain the licence. Natural persons have the right without additional permissions to be engaged in collecting and implementation of industrial and household non-ferrous scrap.

The main conditions for obtaining the licence in this sphere are:

  • availability of the documents confirming land rights on which there will take place saving and processing of scrap metal;
  • availability of the equipped land plot (for non-ferrous metals the size of the earth shall make no less than 500 sq. on each platform);
  • availability production and the warehouse meeting sanitary, fire, environmental standards and rules of putting into operation;
  • availability of the equipment (production, technology, weight, load-lifting) and appropriate certificates;
  • Availability of qualified personnel with the corresponding work experience.

The negative answer can come to some the case, after consideration of the case, to the entrepreneur. Basic reasons of refusal to the entrepreneur can have the right of obtaining the licence:

  • discrepancy of the earth and the equipment to the established regulations;
  • indication of doubtful data;
  • violation of procedure of filing of application and package of documents;
  • Discrepancy of the applicant to licence requirements.

Licence on colour scrap metal UkraineEffective cooperation

Quickly to solve the problem with obtaining the licence, it is worth addressing specialists of the Alt-Brayer company. Our lawyers possess wide practical experience in the field of the solution of similar questions therefore, having used the services “Alt-Brayer”, you obtain the high service level and the licence for the shortest time.