In Ukraine production of tobacco, as well as other types of activity (trade: the wholesale or retail), is subject to obligatory licensing. Feature of such legalisation is observance by the entrepreneur of all requirements for implementation of the productive activity connected with tobacco. The basis of licensing is full technology production of goods which begins with production and comes to an end with packaging of tobacco products.

License production of tobaccoDue to the huge demand for tobacco products, producers face problems of licensing. And often, trying to issue independently all necessary documentation, are refused. In practice, consideration of request of the client in state bodies occupies no more than 15 working days. Date of receipt of the document depends on that, how fast authorised bodies will render the verdict.

Licence requirements to start production of tobacco:

  • availability of the room which meets sanitary, fire and environmental standards;
  • availability of certificates;
  • availability of the equipment for quality check of tobacco products;
  • the presence of experienced specialists with profile education.

The licence is granted for a period of 5 years on the basis of the application which is submitted directly by the subject of managing. And if in the course of collecting of documents you want to avoid unjustified finance costs, physical or moral exhaustion, address specialists of the international law company “Alt-Brayer”. Our employees quickly and at the optimal prices will help to issue the licence for production of tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and other another).

“Alt-Brayer” can make for you:

Licensing of tobacco production

  • consultation about the process of licensing of production of tobacco products;
  • informing on the legislation of Ukraine;
  • preparation and registration of the package of documents;
  • submission of necessary documentation in state bodies of licensing;
  • representation of interests of the client in state structures;
  • Receiving and transfer of the licence to the customer.

Our cooperation will be pleasant and productive. A team of lawyers, each of them is experienced, purposeful specialist who from first minutes of acquaintance will start accomplishment of the direct duties.