The international company “Alt-Brayer” renders legal maintenance in the field of licensing of the provider.

Activities for rendering services of the provider are subject to obligatory licensing. Permission can try to be issued independently, but if you have no necessary experience, or for the first time you register the company, will better address the specialist. It will allow you to save both time and money.License provider

It is necessary for provider for legal work:

  • licensing of telecommunication communication services;
  • licensing of data transmission;
  • licensing of transfer of voice data.

Internet service provider is the organisation which renders services of Internet access. Here enters:

directly Internet access;

rendering services of e-mail;

placement of the equipment of the client;

Organisation of wireless networks.

For obtaining the licence, it is necessary to adhere to licence requirements. Distinguish from such:

  • availability of the personal vehicle;
  • availability of own transport telesystem;
  • documents which confirm financial opportunities of the enterprise;
  • information on rates and other financial documentation;
  • Availability in a team of the employee with profile education and work experience at the similar position.

If you had any problems in obtaining the licence of the provider or other questions in this area then it is worth addressing lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

The international company “Alt-Brayer” provides the following services in the field of obtaining the licence of provider:

  • The licensing providerconsultation with the client about the process of obtaining the licence;
  • informing client on the legislation of Ukraine;
  • collecting, preparation, registration of necessary documentation;
  • submission of documentation in state bodies of licensing;
  • Obtaining the licence for the client.

The Alt-Brayer law company accompanies the client throughout all stages of the transaction. We guarantee competent execution of terms of the contract and we never bring the client.