How many you would spend forces for the business, unfortunately, quite often there is the situation when the company which was not so long ago bringing in the stable income does not justify invested funds and forces anymore. In this case, the point will come to liquidation of LLC, and the reasons for that can be a little:

  • low profitability as a result of severe competition;
  • debts;
  • the sputtered-out project, etc.

Liquidation of LLCOpening the enterprise in Ukraine, and facing the huge number of not palatable bureaucratic nuances, seldom who understands that liquidation of LLC represents the, even more, difficult process. Therefore that the termination of activity took place in the shortest terms and at the same time did not entail heavy financial expenses, the process needs to be entrusted experienced lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

It is worth noticing that before work specialists will hold individual consultation with the purpose of determination of factors which influenced the creation of the line situation, then the most optimal variant of the termination of activity of the enterprise will be chosen.

Liquidation of LLC: methods of the termination of the company

Proceeding from the legislation of Ukraine if there is no relevant decision of court, the owner has the right to liquidate the enterprise by two methods:

  • According to the decision of founders of the company;
  • Through insolvency proceeding.

Only these procedures legally will forever switch off the enterprise from the register of legal persons. But now more and more publicities gather services in alternative liquidation, or the express of liquidation of the companies though it is necessary to treat such procedure cautiously. The essence is that it is applicable only to the enterprises which activity was absolutely legal, with ideal documentation, and the company did not obtain debts to the budget or Liquidation of LLC Kievcreditors. Otherwise, having used in such a way, you not only will not evade responsibility but also will earn problems with the Law.

In fact, alternative liquidation is the sale or transfer of the corporate rights to the impartial person. But thus, it is impossible to get rid of responsibility, across firms bears responsibility for that period of activity that person who was on the post of the director (the founder, etc.). Therefore, the task of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” consists in explaining you all nuances of procedure and possible effects, and then already to begin liquidation of LLC with the fastest, safe and legal method.

Order of liquidation of LLC in Ukraine

Liquidation of LLC happens on an algorithm which is defined depending on the chosen method. However, it should be taken into account stages of the procedure for the decision of the owner that is voluntary liquidation of the company and defines the standard process of closing of LLC in Ukraine.

Meeting of the constituent structure at which in the presence of 60% of a total number of participants of LLC the decision on the closing of society, and determination of liquidation commission is made is held. At the same time the relevant protocol which is certified notarially is formed, and further, its copy moves in district state. administration in the place of registration of the company. On the basis of the accepted papers the last enters data that your enterprise is at the moment liquidated in EGR, that is cannot already gain commercial income and conduct activity.

Competently eliminate Ltd in UkraineSerially the written application about carrying out checks is submitted to public authorities. It is necessary to perform it in the place of registration of LLC in the certain established procedure, covering District Jobcentre and all state funds. After audits, each instance will issue the certificate of removal you from accounting, and lack of financial debt.

Further delivery of documents in district Archive for storage then the corresponding paper is issued follows. It is necessary to provide to the reporting on the salary, personification, and the sheet on “movement” of employees, and also protocols of the meeting of founders.

At the final stage it is provided to the state registrar:

  • The reference from the Ministry of the income and charges on lack of debts to the budget;
  • Registration card;
  • The copy of the statement from EGRPOU.

Here the state registrar shall make a request in executive services regarding the lack of lawsuits on your enterprise. And only after the affirmative answer you receive the notification that this enterprise is liquidated and it is considered more invalid. On it all.

Cooperation with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”

To liquidate your company

So, timely and competent liquidation of LLC allows not only to avoid problems with the legislation and to save time but also without any lawsuits to open the new company. Then, as the wrong approach threatens also with problems with the law and essential finance costs.

Irrespective of, you close the company voluntarily, or it is forced transaction, professional liquidation of LLC with lawyers of the international company “Alt-Brayer” means analytical work of specialists regarding search of the most optimum method of cancellation of the enterprise that will allow to accelerate procedure and to minimise the possibility of attraction of the management of the company to responsibility in the future.