Liquidation of firm on standard process
Liquidation of the enterprise can take place in several ways
Liquidation of the enterprises for expedited procedure
Liquidation of firm with debts
Documents for liquidation of the enterprise

Legal services of any complexity and one of them – liquidation of the enterprise in Ukraine are within the remit of the Alt-Brayer company. Prompt changes of market conditions occasionally force the entrepreneur owing to some reasons to refuse the business and to try the forces in the new field.

That is why consultations and the help in the field of liquidation of the enterprises are always demanded – competently carried out procedure allows to abolish the company and, at the same time, to secure itself against far-reaching problems with creditors or representatives of the law.

Liquidation of companies Kiev

Liquidation of firm on standard process takes place thus:

  • first of all, special liquidation commission to which assign the powers allowing it to abolish process gathers. She does not render direct services in liquidation of firm, however, all requirements to fulfil obligations to firm are declared by her;
  • the liquidator reports to the instance which abolishes algorithm whether the firm has affiliated organizations;
  • at the following stage of liquidation of firm bank accounts, except those which are necessary for payments to creditors are closed;
  • then the property is inventoried and assets are estimated;
  • there is direct liquidation of the enterprises (both the basic, and affiliated), and the license is taken back by the state;
  • accounting documents go to the pension fund, the social insurance and tax where they are checked;
  • the firm is calculated with creditors, makes final balance and transfers the documents to archive.

Only after implementation of all these transactions, it is possible to declare that liquidation of the firm came to the end.

Liquidation of the enterprise can take place in several ways

Laws fix eight options of liquidation, however in practice is most often used only three which differ with a degree of complexity and reliability. Let’s assume, your purpose – liquidation of the enterprise in Kiev. What can you undertake?

Declare it the bankrupt

Liquidation of an enterprise UkraineIt is, perhaps, the most difficult method and without the assistance of the lawyer, you will hardly manage. The problem is that laws in this respect constantly become tougher that it was possible to cope with imaginary bankruptcies and in it there is the sense, “artificial” liquidation of the enterprise very often is quite so carried out – Kiev in this plan can “brag” of tens if not in hundreds, cases annually.

Change the founder

In such a way liquidation of the enterprise in Kiev is carried out most simply – you just sell the firm, and then it is quickly liquidated. The method is very simple and entirely legal.

Liquidate within the general order

In this case, you just submit the application and perform all operations provided by the law. Theoretically liquidation of the enterprises for this scenario is not really difficult. But it is in the theory. In practice, you will face the mass of organizations which it is for certain dragged out process for long months.

Liquidation of the enterprises for expedited procedure

There is also a faster option, but for this purpose, it is necessary to replace the founder and the director. After a change in all necessary bodies, changes are made to documentation; the new director issues the new charter that, in fact, is equivalent liquidations. Here, actually, and all.

Specialists of “Alt-Brayer” will manage to carry out express liquidation only for a couple of days. From you, only the minimum of documents will be required (most often only title), and we will be engaged in all procedural legal transactions. In other words, you will spend about an hour of the time, and the process of liquidation – already care of “Alt-Brayer”.

Liquidation of firm with debts

Liquidation of a company in UkraineLiquidation of the company with debts differs from standard procedure of cancellation of the enterprise a little. The method directly depends on the amount of unpaid means and the type of the creditor. The company practically with any amount of debt it is possible to close and stop obligations to creditors, but cancellation of the company for such reasons demands the intervention of professionals, knowledge of all nuances of the legislation, especially — in the field of corporate law, and also rich practice in similar affairs.

So, generally liquidation of firms happens to debts by such methods:

  • Sale of the share in authorized capital of the company and change of the CEO;
  • Replacement of founders by offshore company;
  • Reorganisation (merge or accession);
  • Bankruptcy.

Voluntary liquidation of the firm with debts to the budget without repayment of such debts is impossible as practically always in such cases tax audit is carried out. If it becomes clear that the enterprise has nothing to pay off debts, the tax authorities initiate bankruptcy of firm. But, if the arbitration manager reveals that the company was purposely given to bankruptcy, the guide of the legal person can be made responsible.

Availability at the company of debts significantly changes liquidation procedure of firm, therefore, beginning cooperation with lawyers; it is necessary to report about the available outstanding financial liabilities in advance in order that specialists could estimate correctly risks and decide on the most optimum method of liquidation.

Documents for liquidation of the enterprise

The list of papers which will be necessary for you at liquidation, very impressive:

  • the certificate confirming that you registered the firm
  • documents which will confirm persons and directors, and the founder,
  • the act issued by liquidation commission;
  • reference of statistical committee;
  • the document confirming that you have no debts;
  • bank documents;
  • reports for tax, and also for the pension fund;
  • seal of the abolished company;
  • the reference from the archive which accepted your documents.

What enters our services?

Ликвидация компании“Alt-Brayer” is the complete maintenance of liquidation. That is, if you address us, you get both advice, and protection of your entrepreneurial interests, the effective help in collecting of missing documents, and lack of legal problems and, what is the most important, real economy of the resource of time. We can make liquidation of the enterprise in Kiev and any other regional or district centre.

What do you receive after liquidation?

The main outcome of the process of abolition is freedom of entrepreneurial actions, lack of debts and problems with former competitors. The experience of our lawyers allows performing liquidation as fast as possible, with the minimum percent of your personal participation and without going beyond the legal framework.