The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides consultations and the qualified services for legal entities and physical persons on liquidation of the enterprises of all patterns of ownership by bankruptcy. Cancellation of the company by bankruptcy can be carried out on demand, both the creditor, and the enterprise.

Liquidation of the enterprises through bankruptcyIn the course of liquidation, all property of the debtor and his assets comes true. A determination about liquidation is taken out if the owner gets rid of all “good”. The copy of the document on this decision goes to the body of registration of the legal entity – the bankrupt, and also to bodies of the state statistics for withdrawal of the organization from the state register of the enterprises of Ukraine.

Liquidation of the company for the reasons of bankruptcy means considerable time and finance costs.

Procedure of termination of work of the organization:

  • pronouncement of the conclusion about the ruin of the company;
  • initiation of proceedings on bankruptcy;
  • registration of procedure of the order corporate property;
  • moratorium on the compensation of resources of creditors;
  • the publication of the decision on liquidation in the official printing publication;
  • forming of creditor committee;
  • recovery of solvency of the debtor;
  • recognition of the debtor by the bankrupt and start of liquidating procedure;
  • assessment, the sale of property of the bankrupt;
  • satisfaction of requirements of creditors.

The fast solution of questions with “Alt-Brayer”

Closing the company through bankruptcySometimes liquidation of the enterprise is the only reasonable exit from the current situation. This process means the complete stop of organization activity, closing of accounts and removal from tax accounting. But procedure of cancellation of the organization takes a lot of time and demands the intervention of specialists in this area. Therefore, for the fast and effective solution of the task, it is worth addressing lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

Complex consultation of the client on thematic questions, the help in preparation of documentation and full legal support throughout all process, all this falls within the scope of our services. Specialists of the case with long-term practical experience of the solution of similar affairs guarantee you the successful completion of work of the enterprise and lack of problems on this case in the future.