Specialists of the Alt-Brayer company in the field of the transport law help when receiving and replacing technical data sheet of the car, both residents of Ukraine, and foreign citizens. We will render high-quality legal maintenance of any procedures connected with the registration certificate, therefore, you receive the main document on the car as at the first registration of the car for the name, and with the entered changes.

Generally natural persons need to change the registration certificate for such reasons:

  • Registration certificateinstallation of the additional equipment (refrigerating appliances, and so forth);
  • change of the place of the registration of the owner;
  • change of registration plate of the car;
  • replacement of colour;
  • replacement of the engine (change of volume);
  • receiving inheritance;
  • loan repayment;
  • re-equipment of the car.

Legal entities will be forced to make changes to technical data sheet of the car at:

  • change of the legal form of the company;
  • change of the legal address or location of the garage.

Necessary papers

The package of documents necessary for entering of changes surely includes the registration certificate which is subject to change, and also papers on the basis of which changes will become in the technical data sheet of the car. In addition, natural person shall provide:

  • passport (copy and original),
  • TIN (original and copy);
  • if the car was operated under trust document – its copy, certified by the notary.

The legal entity gives:

  • registration certificate of the enterprise;
  • EDRPOU code;
  • company charter;
  • the order of appointment of the person responsible for the considered procedure. Right there the reason of replacement of the registration certificate shall be specified;
  • a copy of the ATE code.

Procedure of modification of the registration certificateReceiving of the registration certificate

It is possible to perform this procedure irrespective of the place of the registration of the owner for what it is necessary to collect the above-stated package of documents and to make a visit to MREO. Directly in the service centre it will be necessary:

  • at the employee of MREO to print the application for carrying out transaction;
  • bring the car to experts who will check append the signature to the statement;
  • pay state payments;
  • the specialist of the service centre accepts documents and appoints a date when it is possible to take away the new registration certificate.

The considerable experiment of specialists of the Alt-Brayer company on replacement of technical data sheets by vehicles will allow resolving the issue of the different level of complexity literally for few days, providing you with the most comfortable conditions of cooperation. At the same time, everything will be legal and competent.