The international law company “Alt-Brayer” in addition to legal services offers insurance service. Thanks to cooperation with the “PROSTO-strakhuvannya” company we have the opportunity to accompany registration and business in a complex, both in our state and beyond its limits, to legalise foreigners in Ukraine, etc.

Insurance of labour collective in our country is voluntary, however now gets the increasing popularity. So, if you the director with staff is more than 20 people, you may also want to take care of that labour productivity did not fall under the pressure of the unsatisfactory state of health of employees, entrust the organisation of medical protection of your collective to lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”.

Medical insuranceConditions of insurance

As the object of the charm health of the person from infantile age to 65 years can act.

Purchasing the policy of voluntary medical insurance of collective, provide you and your employees the round-the-clock necessary medical aid in the territory of all Ukraine, and also payment and delivery of medicines. In particular, at the emergence of the insured event, “PROSTO-strakhuvannya” will take care of search of the doctor, consultation and the course of treatment.

Protection programs

Basic programs of voluntary medical insurance of collective from 20 people include:

  • out-patient and polyclinic help;
  • fast and urgent help;
  • stomatology treatment;
  • medicaments providing.

Auxiliary insurance programs will provide:

  • villainization;
  • carrying out vaccination against flu;
  • supervision of pregnancy;
  • treatment of the persons having diabetes, tuberculosis, oncological diseases;
  • improving service.

At deterioration in the state of health of the insured person, the permanent help is provided by service “Medical Assistant” from the “PROSTO-strakhovaniye” company. After the conclusion of the corresponding policy the personal plastic card with the information block, and also the indication of contact telephone numbers of “The medical assistant” on which and it is possible to communicate in an emergency situation is issued to each insured person.

Benefits of voluntary medical insurance

The list of the servicing medical institutions includes the best centres of the country of a different pattern of ownership. The list of clinics and chemist’s shops in which it is possible to address for service in Kiev is approved individually with each enterprise customer. So, making Medical insurance Kievout insurance of collective, you receive double benefit:

  • the personnel feel more protected that creates the additional priority at the choice you as an employer;
  • working capacity and overall performance of collective increases that, in turn, raises the income, reputation, the importance of firm in the market.

Having addressed to the Alt-Brayer company, you have the unique opportunity to receive comprehensive maintenance of your business, from registration of firm and accounting services, finishing with insurance of employees. Each company respecting itself provides to labour collective protection of health, “Alt-Brayer” we will help you to take care of colleagues.