Insured event
Protection program of foreigners

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” offers to foreigner clients registration of the obligatory agreement of medical insurance in addition to the legal assistance when receiving a Medical insurancetemporary residence permit in Ukraine. Thanks to our direct cooperation with the “PROSTO-strakhuvannya” company, you should not look for the insurer who would execute this service – we will make everything in the complex. Of course, if you are engaged in receiving residence permit independently, we will also help to receive the medical policy.

By the legislation of Ukraine, for temporary residence in the country for up to 1 year, the foreign citizen shall have the policy of medical insurance. This document is obligatory for giving in migratory service, therefore – without insurance you do not receive a residence permit. Essential benefit of work of “Alt-Brayer” is that, having addressed to our company behind residence permit, we:

  • reveal the most suitable basis for obtaining the document;
  • represent your interests in state structures;
  • issue all package of documents (including the policy of medical insurance!) without intermediaries that excludes additional costs of the client.

Insured event

Purchasing the policy of medical insurance for the foreigner, you not only fulfil the mandatory requirement of the state, but also beforehand ensure, in the case of need, the organisation and providing the round-the-clock medical aid in the territory of all Ukraine, and also payment and delivery of medicines. In particular, at the emergence of the insured event will take care of; a search of the doctor, providing consultation and providing the course of treatment till the moment until the state of health of the person is satisfactory.

Insured event according to this policy is the address of the insured person throughout the duration of the agreement in a medical institution for receiving the emergency medical care. Insurance of foreignersThe address can be performed concerning deterioration in the state of health, namely:

  • acute disease;
  • exacerbation of the chronic disease;
  • traumatising or other effects of the accident;
  • poisoning;
  • extra-uterine pregnancy;
  • complication of physiological pregnancy.

Protection program of foreigners

The program of compulsory medical insurance of foreigners who temporarily are in the territory of Ukraine “The emergency medical care”, includes:

  • emergency out-patient and polyclinic help;
  • emergency stationary help;
  • emergency medical service;
  • urgent dental

At deterioration in the state of health of the insured person, the permanent help is provided by Medical Assistance from the PROSTO-strakhovaniye company. After the conclusion of the corresponding policy the personal plastic card with the information block, and also the indication of contact telephone numbers  on which and it is Medical insurance Kievpossible to communicate in an emergency situation is issued to the insured person.

The list of the servicing medical institutions includes the best centres of the country of a different pattern of ownership. The list of clinics in which it is possible to address for service in Kiev is approved individually with each client.

Having addressed to the Alt-Brayer company, you have the unique opportunity to receive comprehensive maintenance of your legalisation in Ukraine for a period of 1 year, and in the case of need – prolongation of this visit, plus all accompanying procedures, including registration of the obligatory insurance policy without intermediaries.