Main licence requirements of medical activity
Documents for licensing for medical activity
Features and terms of licensing for medical activity

“Alt-Brayer” is the law company giving help in questions of licensing. One of the priority directions is the assistance at the acquisition of medical licences.

Certainly, licence for medical activity, to be exact, it’s receiving a not incredibly complex challenge, however, occupation, undoubtedly, troublesome. The state shows the whole list of requirements which shall be without fail executed by the enterprise applying for its receiving.

Licence for medicineMain licence requirements of medical activity

What requirements are? The licence for medical activity can be granted to the enterprise only if it corresponds to the following criteria of licensing.

  • your enterprise shall have the room equipped with all necessary medical equipment and meeting the demands made by Sanepidemstantion;
  • you shall have certificates and other documents which are issued to the enterprise which is going to practise medicine;
  • And the third point which observance is the most basic: availability of staff with profile education and not an ordinary part of personnel shall have behind shoulders not less than three years of work in the medical sphere. Certainly, during obtaining the licence their education and experience will need to be documented.

Documents for licensing for medical activity

As for documents, here that you need to make that the licence for medical activity was provided to your company:

  • write the corresponding request for receiving;
  • receive the certificate on state registration;
  • receive the decisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and SES that your room conforms to all declared requirements and to bring verified copies;
  • get bank details, provide the agreement on the lease of your room or the document confirming that you are the owner;
  • bring taxpayer number;
  • Confirm qualification of the specialists.

As you can see, the list rather extensive, and complete it is impossible to call it – for receiving each of the read documents it is necessary to take care of some other. Such is the essence of the bureaucratic Medical activitysystem. Thus, you should spend the time of which you could dispose of with advantage for paperwork.

The Alt-Brayer company allows the clients to optimise the specified process. The benefit of cooperation with us consists in what for licensing is required much fewer documents and the far smaller amount of time will leave. Prepare practically all documents; write the request for receiving and our specialists will help to give the package of documentation to the relevant department to you. In turn, you will need to offer only one hour of own time instead of several weeks of trials in all bureaucratic city institutions.

Features and terms of licensing for medical activity

The standard order of issue will be approximately such. The Ministry of Health, having considered your request and having made the positive decision, makes the relevant protocol and sends you the written notice of it. If in the provided documents mistakes were made, the commission can refuse to consider this application (it is, by the way, one more reason to obtain the licence with the help of “Alt-Brayer”).

The request most often is considered three days.

Лицензия на медицинскую деятельность

What to do if refused to you or the statement was left without consideration?

Basic reason on which the commission can refuse to you consideration of the request is availability of mistakes in it. In this case, the answer sent you by the commission will be followed by detailed analysis of these mistakes therefore to you will not make big work to correct them and for the second time to direct the request, faultless from the point of view of registration. If all notes are considered by you, then to be afraid of repeated refusal there are no reasons.

If all of you wish to be reinsured, then before departure of the repeated request it is possible to consult with the professional lawyer of “Alt-Brayer” – in this case, your document will not cause complaints even in the strictest commission.

Licence for medical activity obtainHow to keep the licence for many years?

Nearly an every year brings us these or those legislative changes – changes in the laws concerning licensing are regularly made, and, as a result, rules of deduction of the licence change.

Thus, to minimise the risk of loss of the licence, you need to be only it is aware of similar changes that the next innovation did not become for you the unpleasant surprise and that you could react to it timely.
Specialists of “Alt-Brayer” will help to understand any changes in the legislation to you.