Упрощенная процедура получения постоянного вида на жительство в Украине

How to buy a Ukrainian finance company

How to buy a Ukrainian finance company Nowadays, Ukraine’s economy continues to grow steadily, despite all the difficulties and challenges. The convergence with Europe, both politically and in trade relations will soon have a positive impact on the economic sphere. Expected arrival of enormous investments from foreign partners, inevitably will benefit the country. Each person […]

How to invest in the construction of housing

Construction financing fund Real estate operations fund System specifications The purchase of a new home is a very risky deal from the point of view of investments into construction and further legalization of property rights. You can invest in the construction of your future home only through specialized funds, and does not directly transfer to […]

Financial results in 2016 of CAM

The largest banks are losing profit in the first quarter of 2016

On April 13, the largest U.S. Bank by assets, JPMorgan was the first in the season of the banks` statements, who provided results for the 1st quarter of 2016 and, frankly, surprised us the decrease in net profit. In comparison with the similar period of last year indicators of NP decreased by 6.7% to 5.52 […]

The rating of the largest financial centres

The rating of the largest financial centres in the world

When you select any of the goods or services the majority of us chooses a few manufacturers/suppliers, and then compares them with each other. To help you choose there are different ratings, which are particularly popular in the financial field. Twice a year the British consulting firm Z/Yen Group makes the ranking of the largest […]

To legalize property at Ukrposhta

To register real estate and business will be possible in post offices of «Ukrposhta»

The Ministry of justice and state enterprise «Ukrposhta» signed a Memorandum of cooperation. The document provides for the possibility of obtaining the registration service of the Ministry of justice on base of public enterprises across the country. Maybe it became possible because an additional source of income that will be received by «Ukrposhta» in case […]

Leasing company to buy

“The leasing boom” in Ukraine: how to make business through loans to enterprises?

“Leasing” is a relatively new word in business, however, due to its functional load, this kind of credit has demand and respect. In the public understanding of leasing is a long-term financial lease expensive items with option to buy. So it is possible to acquire any movable and immovable property, which the law defined as […]

The most popular tax haven

10 most influential tax havens of the world

Offshore are known worldwide for their flexible terms of business taxation. In these zones, is particularly effective to register a company with multi-million dollar income which, because of the specific local legislation, will be deducted a minimum tax, or did not deducts. Simply put, if you buy offshore (or register independently, it will be just longer […]

Factoring company to buy

For whom and why is it profitable to purchase a factoring company in Ukraine

The role of factoring companies in the market of any services and products is noticeable and significant. In particular, the work of these organizations is based on the fact that they lend to suppliers, buying short-term accounts receivable, which is usually not more than 180 days. Usually, in the operation of factoring involves three persons: […]

Purchase of insurance company

The formula of quick and successful purchase of the insurance company

In each country there are types of compulsory insurance, along with, of course, given the opportunity for voluntary purchase of the insurance policy. The first group includes: Insurance policy liability of the land transport owner (vehicle insurance); Insurance of tourists traveling abroad; Obligatory insurance of fire brigades; Making medical insurance for the foreigner, who is […]

Investment in the economy to give citizenship

The investors in the economy of Ukraine will receive citizenship

To obtain the citizenship of another country is incredibly difficult. First, if You do not have special privileges because of the relationship with the Ukrainians, the awareness about acceptance in citizenship You will wait for years. Secondly, you need to collect a lot of documents and perform a huge number of requirements. And, of course, […]