To legalize student in Ukraine

Rules of legalization for foreign student in Ukraine

Education gives us the basic Foundation for identity formation and personal development. Modern conditions require from young people to determine the direction that they will develop in the future, at a young age. It is therefore essential to choose the educational institution which will reveal the potential of the child. Often parents, to implement Chad’s […]

Buying a property gives you residence permit

Buying a property abroad, you can obtain a residence permit

The question of the sale and purchase of real estate for some States especially painful. In such resort places of the world like Greece, Spain, Malta, and the Baltic States more people prefer to enjoy the sun than to purchase a property. This situation affects unfavorably the domestic real estate market, which is in need […]

The issuance of refugee certificate

The law about the issuance of refugee certificate for 15 days

In last time on the political map of the world flash new wars or other conflicts of not peaceful nature, in connection with which the refugee problem is beginning to affect an increasing number of States. Unfortunately, the reality is that refugees cross borders to neighbouring countries illegally, although probably know about the mandatory registration […]

Getting permission to enter Crimea

Special permission to enter Crimea

4 June 2015, the Government adopted a decree that regulates the procedure of entry in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine (Crimea), and exit. According to the document, the entry of foreigners and stateless persons on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula and the exit is through the checkpoints can be with the passport and […]

Immigration quota for 2016 in Ukraine

The immigration quota for 2016 in Ukraine

Every year the Cabinet of Ministers adopts immigration quotas. This means that each year varies the number of foreigners who can come to Ukraine for one reason or another on a constant residence. A distinctive feature of this list is that the number of seats is set separately for each region and for each category […]

The new rules of residence in Ukraine

In Ukraine changed the rules of residence: what you need to know about the innovations

March 2, 2016, the Cabinet has adopted new conditions for the registration of place of residence, as well as the order of transmission of information in the Unified state demographic registry. According to the decree, which comes into force on 4 April, registration and de-registration of place of residence is carried out by the local […]

The Bank to buy Kiev

Banks and non-Bank institutions: what is the difference and how legally become the owner

We are all at least a little bit aware of what is financial institutions and what are their functions. However, for those who are professionally occupied in the financial area there is a clear distinction between banking and non-banking fin. institutions. The first system includes the national Bank of Ukraine and commercial banks. In turn, […]