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The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides legal maintenance of procedure of obtaining the certificate of non-conviction for subjects of business activities.

The requirement of the certificate of non-conviction is quite widespread at employment or, for example, for receipt of a visa. Actually, there is a lot of precedents for the presentation of this document, however, to receive it quickly without the assistance of specialists is rather problematic. So, the international law company “Alt-Brayer” will provide the services to everyone who needs it, and will issue the necessary reference hassle-free and for the shortest deadlines.

Police clearance certificateNeed of obtaining

The certificate of “no criminal records” is issued by law-enforcement instances of Ukraine to the person who requests it (or to the persons authorised for that by the power of attorney). The document is processed in the specially protected form for the purpose of anti-falsification. But it is absolutely senseless to fraud it, cause the validity period is limited though it is possible to make it with our help for only several days.

Depending on the sort of use, only two types of certificates of non-conviction issue:

  • for use abroad (has certain differences, namely — special separate signs, and can be subject to further legalisation). 90 days work;
  • for internal use. 30 days work.

Cost of non-conviction document

As the cost of issuance of non-conviction document can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Non-conviction document
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Cooperation with Alt-Brayer company will relieve you of campaigns on offices, lines under the door, refusals because of the end of acceptance, etc. Our specialists will make all this for you.

Documentary basis of issue:

  • For citizens of Ukraine: the copy of the national passport (1-2 pages and data on the registration);
  • For foreigners: copy or scan of the international passport (1st page), transfer of passport data into Ukrainian;
  • TIN.

You can request the certificate of non-conviction if it is necessary:

  • Obtain the licence for implementation of works with psycho tracks, narco preparations and similar substances;
  • Acquire the right to carrying the weapon, the work authorization with explosive means;
  • Non-conviction documentPrepare documentation for submission to services providing;
  • Presentations in foreign organisations, work abroad;
  • Issue new or recover documents;
  • Obtain citizenship;
  • Receive residence permit;
  • Be issued for work in Ukraine;
  • Process the visa document;
  • Issue the participation in state purchases.

Legal assistance

The certificate of non-conviction is the requested document which, unfortunately, very difficult to receive quickly by yourself. Therefore, the team of “Alt-Brayer” lawyers  offers the help in obtaining this document.

To receive the certificate of non-conviction with our assistance, you need to perform only three operations:

  1. Address to the Alt-Brayer company;
  2. Submit the minimum of documents;
  3. Receive the certificate.

So, you will receive the ready document for only one visit, and will relieve yourself of unnecessary wastes of time and forces.

Examples of the documents received by company Alt-Brayer