Requirements for notarial assurance
Conditions of fast transfer

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides legal and consultancy services for subjects of business activities in the field of the notarized translation of documents.

Our firm co-operates with the best translation agencies and notaries, therefore, it guarantees translation quality and its complete legalisation. Work is performed only by qualified specialists possessing work experience more than 10 years. Within two hours after leaving a request, you will have translated documents.

Notarial authentication of transfer is necessary for the official status when providing further in different structures. The essence of the procedure consists, actually, in authentication by the Ukrainian notary of the signature of the translator on the document, and also fidelity of the copy of the original.

Requirements for notarial assurance

Notarized translationAs the notarized translation allocates the document with legal force, there is the number of strict requirements when carrying out the considered procedure:

  • if the official paper is issued in Ukraine, it shall contain the live stamp and the signature of the official who issued such paper. At the same time, notarial assurance is accepting only the original of the document or its notarial copy;
  • on the papers issued overseas, there has to be the stamp of the apostille, legalisations or consular legalisation of Ukraine in the country of issuing. At the same time, between the CIS countries there is the simplified system of recognition of papers; according to it, legalisation of documents is not required. The similar system is applied also to the number of the documents issued in Turkey and Poland.

Cost of Notarized translation in Ukraine

As the cost of Notarized translation can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

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Also, it is necessary to pay special attention to the fact that translation of some documents can not be certified notarially. For example, receipts and invoices for payment, invoices and other business documents, etc.

At the same time it is necessary to certify translations notarially:

  • passport and travel document of the child;
  • references or studies;
  • certificates of the income;
  • certificates of non-conviction, medical references;
  • the certificate about education and appendices to it;
  • diploma and appendix;
  • driver’s licences, registration certificate;
  • judgment;
  • notarial statement;
  • agreements of purchase and sale;
  • contract, agreement, charter;
  • account statements, and so forth.

Conditions of fast transfer

If you decided to save personal time and resources, the document will pass three stages before falls into your hands:

  1. A notary to transferTransfer of documents;
  2. Signing of papers by the translator in the presence of the notary;
  3. Check and signature attestation of the translator by the notary.

Having addressed us, you can safely expect the professional support of lawyers and 100% result. The Alt-Brayer company guarantees to you:

  • efficiency: we will as fast as possible, qualitatively perform the task of the client;
  • confidentiality: customer information is closed for strangers;
  • responsibility: we hold the client during events, and we warrant for the result;
  • openness and availability: we are ready to provide legal service by that for whom our help is necessary;
  • success: we always on the half-step ahead of own opportunities and customer expectations.