Obligations of the insurer concerning payments
Responsibility of insurance company
Legal privileges
Documentary party of the question

The international law company “Alt-Brayer”, in addition to legal services, offers maintenance of procedure of insurance in cooperation with the leading insurance company of Ukraine “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”.

According to the Ukrainian legislation, the person who owns motor transport and operates it on roads of general purpose shall insure the motor vehicle liability. For lack of the policy of the OSAGO in our state, the penalty from 425 to 850 hryvnias is provided. In order to avoid penalties, specialists of our company offer the help at civil responsibility insurance.

OSAGO insuranceObligations of the insurer concerning payments

The boundary amount of obligatory payments of insurance company is established by the law:

  • on damage, the put lives and to the health of the third parties by means of the tech, the insurance company will pay up to 100 thousand UAH;
  • it will be possible to compensate for the loss caused to property to 50 thousand UAH on one victim, and also 250 thousand — within one agreement.

Responsibility of insurance company

If as a result of incident the driver caused the loss to the third parties, “PROSTO-strakhuvannya”:

  • will make compensation for the driver within the limit of obligations;
  • will organise and will finance the assessment of the caused damage;
  • will consider the papers allowing to dispute the judgment concerning the determination of the person guilty of the incident;
  • will settle all questions and requirements of victims if such are.

Legal privileges

Payment of the half of the size of principal payment is provided for such categories of persons:

  • the participants of war defined in the legislative order;
  • disabled people of the II group;
  • the persons who received I, II categories of victims after the Chernobyl accident;
  • Ukrainian pensioners.

Documentary party of the question

To order OSAGO insuranceTo purchase the policy of the OSAGO it is necessary to submit such documents:

  • TIN and passport of the car owner;
  • The registration certificate on the car;
  • Car driver licence;
  • The documents proving preferential category (if such are available).

Having provided the specified documents to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company, our jurists will competently accompany insurance of your motor vehicle liability. We will make everything absolutely legally and quickly, without involving in cooperation of intermediaries that will save also yours time, and personal resources.