The “Alt-Brayer” company provides a wide range of legal services, along with the qualified chamber practice. Our specialists work with individuals (residents and guests), as well as small and large companies, both in the Ukrainian territory and beyond it. A lot of positive feedbacks  (on the “About the Company” page) can serve as the testimony of our professionalism.  You can also see the gratitude words on the social networks pages (“VKontakte”, “Facebook” and “Twitter”), the links are present on

The CEO of “Alt-Brayer” law firm is Mosiychuk Ivan. His professionalism and business skills allow helping the clients personally, to make supervise work on employees, to regulate disputable situations, and also to maintain productivity and “spirit” of the team at the highest level.

Mosiychuk Ivan

Relying on his working standards, specialists of “Alt-Brayer” always:

  • look towards self-improvement;
  • aware of all changes in the legislation, transport, and international policy, etc.;
  • have the established relation with state politic services that allows resolving even the most difficult questions in the short terms;
  • work together, which guarantees client’s task will be fast and fully completed;
  • have a big experience of cooperation with the foreign companies and individuals which allow operating international level knowledge, applying it to the work;
  • thanks to the experience in all key spheres of the Ukrainian law, we are capable of creating and supporting the legal entity (company) from the moment of registration and further, including the offshore companies creation.

The Immigration law “lies on shoulders” of the profile specialists, namely Zhurakovskaya Valentina and Kirichenko Dmitry. Their professionalism has already helped to more than one foreigner to be legalized successfully in the territory of Ukraine, as well as to legalize marriage according to the national legislation, to obtain citizenship for children, etc. In general, our lawyers assistance in the field of the Immigration law consists of the following:

  • Residence permit;
  • Citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Registration in Kiev;
  • Foreigner registration;
  • VAT ID number (Tax ID number) for foreign citizens;
  • The term of staying extension;
  • The invitation to Ukraine;
  • Permission to employment;
  • Permission to immigration;
  • Refugee status;
  • Registration of marriage with the foreigner;
  • Tax resident status;
  • The biometric passport in Kiev;
  • Non-conviction document;
  • Notarized translation;
  • Insurance policy;
  • Consultations on questions regarding Register Offices;
  • Legal protection of foreigners in Ukraine;
  • Passport of Ukraine.

The international law represents a difficult complex of legal regulations. And our specialist in international law Zhurakovskaya Valentina  is capable of resolving any questions in this sphere. The profile area of her work is offshore registration, which is in a huge need for the large companies. So, with the assistance of the other members of “Alt-Brayer”, she will accomplish such tasks:

  • Registration and support of the offshore companies;
  • Service and support of the offshore schemes;
  • Purchase or sale of the ready offshores;
  • Creation and support of the virtual office.

Registration and re-registration of vehicle, both in Kiev and across Ukraine;Also, one of the areas of “Alt-Brayer” work is the transport law which is necessary for both individuals and companies. Nowadays every big enterprise has a decent amount of cars and/or special equipment, and if the total number of vehicles reaches the certain quantity, the owner will be forced to register it. These and other issues are brilliantly resolved by Maria whose list of legal services includes:

  • Registration and change of vehicle numbers;
  • Registration of the company’s vehicle park;
  • Driving school accreditation;
  • Obtaining the license for conducting MOT in the Ukraine (annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness, etc.);
  • License for transportation (passengers, dangerous goods, etc.).

Thanks to the effective cooperation of all “Alt-Brayer” specialists, our clients receive the fastest result. No matter how complex the problem was, we have always provided 100% accomplishment of the task on the conditions, most profitable to the customer. Cooperation with us guarantees that you will be free from any problems in business, with legalization, about the car, etc.

 “Alt-Brayer” – your reliable consultant in the field of law.