How to receive the passport of Ukraine
Where to receive the passport of the citizen of Ukraine
Dates of receipt of the passport in Ukraine
Order of obtaining passport of the citizen of Ukraine
Help in obtaining the passport of Ukraine

One of the main specialisations of the international law company “Alt-Brayer” is the migration law by which professionals help with obtaining the passport to the Ukrainian citizens, and also foreigners if necessary.

Passport of Ukraine

The passport document is the main document of the legal resident of the country which confirms the personality of the owner and his direct belonging to the state, in this case – to Ukraine. Often this document is received by radical citizens of the country at achievement of 16 years, and parents are in that case more or less familiar with procedure which changes over the years. However, often on places demand some additional documents, for example:

  • assigned document;
  • photocopies of passports of parents;
  • references from consulate (for international families), etc.

In addition, seldom who knows in what temporary interval after birthday it is necessary to receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years, the size of the administrative responsibility for non-compliance with this framework, and other small nuances concerning the first passport document in human life. Therefore it is better to resort to the help of professionals who in a trice will permit the arisen difficulties at once, and actually, will provide the document without problems and hitches.

How to receive the passport of Ukraine

The legislation strictly provides cases and circumstances under which it is obligatory to receive the passport document, namely:

  1. Achievement of 16 years;
  2. Finding of the Ukrainian nationality;
  3. Return to Ukraine after permanent life abroad.

Also to update it is necessary to receive the passport document at loss, theft, the marriage, voluntary change of the name or surname, need of change of the photo, etc.

Passport of citizen of UkraineSo, the last does not demand special efforts, however originally it is possible to receive the passport of Ukraine on such procedure:

  1. Collect necessary documents;
  2. Provide papers to the next MS, including the statement;
  3. Take away the ready document of the citizen of the country.

Cost of issuance Passport of Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of Passport of Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Passport of Ukraine
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Where to receive the passport of the citizen of Ukraine

Our state cares about the citizens therefore in society and at the legislative level there is determination of the accurate scheme separation of citizens according to the place intrigues. So that to receive the passport of Ukraine it is necessary to address in the closest to the address of full-time residence the passport office, where and to provide the obligatory list of documents. In 90% of cases the list of papers looks thus:

  • Application for issue of the passport;
  • 2 photos;
  • Receipt on payment of the state collecting.

In addition, depending on the specific case it is necessary to submit additional documents which are also obligatory in this situation.

Dates of receipt of the passport in Ukraine

The case, most widespread in our country, at which it is necessary to process the passport document is the achievement of 16-year age, and it is necessary to make it at most than in the month after approach of this moment. In the others the case of the main document of the citizen is provided by procedure of legalisation.

Generally the term of registration of the document makes 1 month from the date of submission of documents in migratory service, however thanks to the help of our lawyers it is possible to find the civil document in 5-7 working days.

Order of obtaining passport of the citizen of Ukraine

The passport document is the document, the first on the importance, which each adult citizen of any country shall have. To process the passport document, follows:

  • Ukrainian passportfirst of all, to reach 16-year age, just next day then it is possible to address to territorial administration of migratory service in the place of registration;
  • It is necessary to address for receiving the book for 1 month from the moment of achievement of the specified age, otherwise it is necessary to pay the penalty;
  • Fill in the application blank which to provide the employee of MS together with other papers;
  • Wait one month to receive the passport.

Help in obtaining the passport of Ukraine

As it was already mentioned, at independent registration of the passport document it is necessary to wait for 1 month, plus to find out the list of necessary papers, to endure long and chaotic turn in the passport office, specific behaviour of staff of this state structure, etc. Addressing lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”, you win, at least, in two directions: you relieve yourself, and the child of waste of time and nerves, and also you receive the ready document at most in 1 week. So why to spend the forces if it is possible to receive quickly and hassle-free the passport of Ukraine, and to devote the remained free time to more pleasant and useful affairs?