Age of receiving the passport in Ukraine
Where receive the passport in 16 years
Terms of registration of the passport
What documents are necessary for the passport in 16 years

Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company specialise in migration law by what they provide the help to natural persons in receiving and replacement of the Ukrainian passport, and also glueing in of Passport at the age of 16the photo at the achievement of the certain age.

Much who should receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years, apparently, that procedure looks not so terribly “as it is drawn”. In the theory really so: to visit the next passport office, to provide a couple of documents, and soon to see the ready “book of the citizen”. However, not everything is so simple. It is rather difficult to orient in the abyss of necessary documents, it is correct to fill in from the first the application form, etc. For this reason, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company help to fulfil the legal duty, to deal with features and difficulties of this procedure, and also to accompany obtaining the first passport in the life of the Ukrainian citizen.

Age of receiving the passport in Ukraine

In Ukraine the passport certificate is obligatory for each radical citizen of the country, the foreigner who was naturalised or who recovered, etc.:

  • Concerning the first – each Ukrainian citizen is obliged to receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years. It has two months then there is the penalty. Citizens without passport, or with the invalid passport document, are also punished by the prevention or already the penalty;
  • The foreign citizens who found the Ukrainian citizenship regardless of the basis shall issue the passport certificate on individual conditions of immigration to Ukraine;
  • Citizens of Ukraine who resided abroad and have no passport issued, receive it in the place of the present residence.

Where receive the passport in 16 years

The Ukrainians who were born and living in the homeland receive the passport certificate in 16 years as in our country this age is considered sufficient for forming of consciousness of the person. For obtaining the passport document, the citizen of Ukraine needs to address Ukrainian passport at the age of 16personally in the next passport office though in some, mainly big regions employees of ZhEK are the link between the recipient and territorial department of migratory service through whom there “pass” documents.

Successfully to receive desirable result, follows:

  • Collect the package of papers, including the statement which template is also on the Internet;
  • Carry documents in department of MS at the place of residence;
  • Take away the ready passport book in the passport office where papers were accepted.

Terms of registration of the passport

It is possible to receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years within 1 month from the date of representation of papers in MS. Such terms are established by the state, therefore, at the independent solution of the question to influence them you will not be able in any way. However thanks to professional work of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” this term will make about 10 working days that 3 times faster.

Such cooperation is profitable to people if:

  • It is urgently necessary to receive the passport document;
  • In burden to find time and forces for preparation of documents, expectation in turn, and also expectations of the document;
  • It is difficult to deal with nuances of procedure, therefore, it is much easier to provide all to lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” and to deal with private matters at this time.

Cost of passport receiving at the age of 16

As the cost of passport receiving at the age of 16 can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Passport receiving at the age of 16
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What documents are necessary for the passport in 16 years

The main difficulties which the young citizens wishing to receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years face are connected with the submission of documents as often demand representation of additional papers owing to what come to confusion and delay date of receipt of the certificate. Eventually, develop into the penalty.

First passport of citizen of UkraineHowever, you should not quail and crawfish if demand as you think unnecessary documents. Main papers following:

  • the statement which forms is provided by passports
  • certificate of birth (not the copy);
  • 2 photos of the standard size on documents;
  • the payment document about repayment of the state duty;
  • separately ask to provide the certificate of registration of the citizen of Ukraine or the international passport – it concerns foreigners or persons who returned to Ukraine after full-time residence abroad.

Separately it is worth emphasising that originals of documents are taken cognizance on the site then return to the representative. Anyway, if any problems prevent you from fulfilling the legal duty of obtaining the passport in 16 years, or you wish to minimise wastes of time and forces – provide all formal efforts to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company. So you find the opportunity to receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years, or under other circumstances literally for a couple of days.