Процедура восстановления
Обращение в милицию и публикация
Заявление на восстановление паспорта
Документы для восстановления паспорта

Losing the passport of Ukraine is a very unpleasant event as it precedes long campaigns on instances and month of expectation of the new document. In turn, lawyers for the international
Passport recoverycompany “Alt-Brayer” will help you to reduce terms to several days, to exclude moral losses, your fate in the procedure of recovery, and will save personal time and money. Also excellent decision our assistance will become for those who need an urgent recovery of the passport.

Without document confirming the personality even such, apparently, elementary transactions as crediting in bank, the visit of hospital, and even travel by train will be unavailable to you. Therefore, if you lost, or stole the passport from you – immediately begin procedure of recovery, because someone else can use your document. And it is even better – you call lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”.

Procedure of recovery

The legislation provides an accurate algorithm of actions for citizens who on any circumstances lost the passport document – where to address at the loss of the passport, what terms of recovery of the passport, the list of documents, etc.

So, replacement of the passport at loss or theft happens on such algorithm:

  • Submission of the corresponding statement in police station;
  • Publication of the announcement in any All-Ukrainian newspaper of recognition of the lost document invalid;
  • the notification of the passport office in the place of registration, that is — filing of application about loss, theft.

Cost of рassport recovery in Ukraine

As the cost of рassport recovery in Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Passport recovery in Ukraine
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Appeal to police and publication

The application to the militia for theft of documents will relieve you of troubles if on the stolen passport illegally took the credit or made still any frauds. In turn, the publication in mass media Recover the passportwill allow proving that you really tried to find the document, however, it is vain.

In militia in addition to writing of the application, you will make the list of the stolen things, and you will be acquainted with the rights of this case. In practice visit to law-enforcement structures occupies no more than half an hour then within 10 days shall issue you the corresponding reference. The document is issued in triplicate: on the passport, on driver’s licences and the registration certificate on the car. Further the reference “travels” (in this case) to the passport office.

Application for recovery of the passport

After you published information in the newspaper and received the reference in militia, it is necessary to address to department of MS (passport office) that:

  • Write the application for recovery of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  • Receive the temporary certificate.

You will specify in the statement where there was the incident when and what circumstances accompanied it. Further, if to adhere to the shown scheme, in the month you receive the new passport for now it is necessary to go with the certificate which to you will be issued in MS.

Documents for recovery of the passport

Addressing to department of MS, in addition to the application which receives on site, it is necessary to have the following package of documents in addition:

  1. two photographs of the “passport” format (+1 for the temporary certificate);
  2. Restore a Ukrainian passportthe certificate of birth (if there is the question — how to recover the passport without a certificate of birth, the answer: only after recovery of the document through the registry office);
  3. the certificate of the registration;
  4. certificate of payment of the state fee;
  5. the document on payment of the penalty at the loss of the passport is provided only in the case (theft is not assessed by penalties).

Terms of recovery

You will receive the new passport document in the month, however, if the address was made not in the place of the registration, the term will last owing to the need of implementation of the request in migratory service at the place of residence of the citizen. At the same time, lawyers of the international company “Alt-Brayer” will help you to solve the problem for several days, depending on the complexity of the task.

Cost of service

The state duty for services of recovery of the passport makes 2 tax-free minima of the income of citizens. Separately it is necessary to pay the penalty in the amount of 1 to 3 tax-free minima of the income of citizens if the passport was not stolen, and it is lost.