Exchange of the passport in Ukraine
How much is replacement of the passport in Ukraine
Documents for replacement of the passport Ukraine
The help of lawyers when replacing the passport document

The international law company “Alt-Brayer” specialises in the provision of services in many branches of law, including migratory. By this activity, our lawyers accompany transactions on Passport replacementreceiving, replacement and recovery of the passport of Ukraine.

Without passport document, the citizen of Ukraine will not use legitimate rights. Also, the situation when the passport is invalid owing to lack of the main information on the owner of the document is similar (there is no photograph, and so forth). However there are situations owing to which the passport was stolen, lost, damaged, or citizens can replace the passport in case of, for example, desire to get rid of record about the cancellation of marriage. In such cases, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company help to make it quickly.

Exchange of the passport in Ukraine

After the loss (theft) of the document, it is necessary to receive a new one. Replacement of the passport of the citizen of Ukraine is performed in such cases:

  • changes First name, middle initial, last name (self-willed/later marriages);
  • glueing in of the new photo;
  • establishments of discrepancies in records;
  • unfitness of the document for use.

Irrespective of the situation, the citizen of Ukraine submits the application of the corresponding sample together with the package of documents in the territorial department of MS (passport office) then in fixed terms to receive the new passport.


Replacement of the passport in Ukraine is performed within 1 month. Proceeding from practical experience, hardly you receive it earlier, however, if to co-operate with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” it is possible. Jurists of “Alt-Brayer” will reduce terms even in the case of carrying out an additional check, and it is a month more of expectation at independent registration.

ProcedureReplacement of Ukrainian passports

Instances of MS in the place of residence of the applicant after representation of the corresponding papers issue the passport document. It should be noted that it is rather convenient as it is not necessary to go to another region of the country. However, also, the option of submission of the statement in the city where there was the unpleasant incident is possible.

On the last point, the small nuance appears the request for issue new the passport in other settlement will take more time as it is necessary for migratory service you addressed to readdress request to colleagues from the place of your registration.

How much is replacement of the passport in Ukraine

  • If you just received the Ukrainian citizenship and make out the first document of nationality, or receive the passport of Ukraine in 16 years — service will manage free of charge;
  • If you make out the document after a loss, damage, the marriage, glueing in of the photo — pay the state duty at a rate of 2 free minima of the income of citizens.

Cost of рassport replacement

As the cost of рassport replacement can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

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Documents for replacement of the passport Ukraine

As it was already told, replacement of the passport in Ukraine, irrespective of the reason, happens equally: you collect documents plus the statement (the last unpack from the Internet, or receive directly at the passports), you go to the next passport office and you represent this papers. Further, in the absence of problems, you wait for a month and you receive the new passport.

It is necessary to submit such documents:

  • petition;
  • present passport;
  • 2 photos of 3,5 x 4,5 cm in size (at damage of information on the owner 1 more photo is needed);
  • document on payment of the state duty;
  • the documents confirming the reason for the exchange of the document;

To replace the passport of UkrainianReplacement of the passport of Ukraine owing to lose or theft follows after submission of the following documents by the person:

  • statement for loss of the passport;
  • petition for issue of the new document;
  • two photographs of the standard size (three — in the case of the appeal to other territorial subdivision);
  • receipt of payment of the state service fee;
  • documents on the basis of which in the passport marks about children, marriage, issue of the international passport are put down.

The help of lawyers when replacing the passport document

Irrespective of need and complexity of the question, lawyers of the company are ready to render maintenance of preparation and representation of the package of documents in the relevant state structures on behalf of the client, keeping at the same time complete confidentiality. With us you will save the time of replacement of the passport, without worrying about the correctness of registration of the main document of the citizen of the country as specialists of “Alt-Brayer” represent not the first year similar services. For reliability and tranquility, you can control the course of procedure by yourself.

Thus, we provide fast replacement of the passport document and comfort of cooperation for each client that is the sign of professional approach to fast and competent permission of the objective.