The international law company “Alt-Brayer” renders the huge list of legal services, and work with nonresidents is one of the main directions of our practice. In addition to maintenance of Poluchenie vremennogo vida na jitelstvoprocedure of receiving a residence permit, nationality, the registration, etc., our specialists help to prolong terms of stay to foreign citizens in Ukraine.

So, when crossing the border of Ukraine, it is necessary to register passport documents check the terms of the visit. However, sometimes there is the urgent need to remain in the country despite the fact that time of visit comes to the end. You can agree, it would be very offensive if you will be expelled from the country only because bureaucratic machinery did not give the chance to receive a residence permit in time. Also, registration often drags on for uncertain terms. Generally, in such cases, the prolongation of the term of stay in the country is extremely difficult.

Need of prolongation of visit

You should deal with the issue of prolongation of stay in Ukraine if appeared in such situation:

  • the period of action of the visa runs low;
  • You have citizenship of the country with the visa-free regime and want to be in Ukraine longer than for 90 days, having that on a legal basis.

Cost of Prolongation of staying in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of Prolongation of staying in Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Prolongation of staying in Ukraine
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For prolongation of terms of legal stay in our state, it is necessary to handle in migratory service specially prepared a package of documents and the application. In addition to the last, it is necessary to provide other papers, depending on your case.

If a personal visit to migratory service is not a most acceptable option for you, the way out of the situation is the request for the help of specialists of the international company “Alt-Brayer”. We will issue the necessary documents in the shortest possible time and we will give them for consideration to state instances.

Benefit from legal maintenance of procedure

If you chose the option of saving of time and nerves, our team will help to achieve a result in the shortest possible time, to be exact – we will make it for you. Cooperation with us is really productive as:

  1. Extension of staythe Alt-Brayer company has many years of service in this industry;
  2. our lawyers studied the practical side of the question;
  3. we know how to communicate with the staff of Migratory service, and it significantly influences on the terms of accomplishment;
  4. we need only the minimum package of documents, the rest is specialists care;
  5. we guarantee the result.

The purpose of our company is the creation of comfortable conditions of cooperation for clients, providing at the same time the fastest and qualitative result. We will never get down to business which we will not be able to solve therefore we always guarantee 100% success of the question. You can entrust the solution of the affairs to professionals of “Alt-Brayer”, and we, in return, undertake to fulfil all your requirements.