One of the main profiles of work of the international law company “Alt-Brayer” is the corporate law. Jurists in this industry, not the first year rendering maintenance of purchase and sale of LLC, both in Kiev and across all Ukraine, providing a qualitative result at any parameters of the request.

Purchase LLC

To secure the transaction of the client and to pass any sort of troubles in the future, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will book detailed audit of the considered company in all fundamental parameters, having provided the detailed report. Therefore, asking for the help our jurists, you can be sure of the purity of LLC which we offer, and also through fidelity of all related documents.

Procedure of purchase of LLC including VAT

In comparison with the countries with developed economy, Ukraine practices purchases of the ready companies relatively recently. Of course, now it is much easier to develop and create a business, however, modern bureaucratic delays rather difficult for understanding, and especially — for implementation what significantly prevents the creation of the ready companies. The practice of the structure of business in Ukraine dictates the terms: it is including VAT much simpler to purchase LLC, than spend a great lot of time for forming of the package of documents, visit of state structures, the expectation of the answer, etc. Naturally, similar service slightly more expensive, than independently is of the solution of the question, however, having received the ready company, you at once can start active business and profit earning.

Considering the similar option of the beginning of the business, it is necessary to understand that both to sell, and to purchase LLC is the touchy and difficult business. For this reason, it is necessary to make similar decisions gradually, deliberately and slowly. Even if it is necessary to purchase LLC including VAT in Kiev very quickly, you should not buy the unchecked quick Purchase LLC in Kievbusiness. Will be to address far more effectively lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” who will carefully analyze each suitable option from the available base of the companies across all Ukraine which will meet as much as possible your requirements in business. Such cooperation will bring to you not only fast result but also tranquility and confidence during the transaction.

Sale of ready firms has the set of advantages which can be expressed as follows:

  • do not pass debt obligations of the company to the new owner;
  • it is possible to get to work at once;
  • has ready authorized capital;
  • there is the complete documentary base on the enterprise.

Purchase LLC in Kiev by means of lawyers

Purchase LLC including VAT in Kiev of special is not difficult. In effect, it can occur in such ways:

  1. The exit of the owner from the structure of founders. It is convenient and inexpensive alternative option of how it is possible to purchase without problems in Kiev LLC including VAT. This type of the transaction needs to be assured at the notary that only about 250 UAH will manage, at the same time it is not required to pay any additional commissions. Additional convenience consists that at the implementation of the transaction, the presence of the buyer is not obligatory that significantly saves the time of future owner of COMRADE.
  2. Purchase and sale of the corporate rights. The transaction of the similar type will request payment of 1% of the cost of the agreement at assurance from the notary. Also at agreement signature presence, both the buyer of the company and the seller is necessary. Purchase LLC with licenseBesides, often to the parties, it is problematic to agree about the cost of the transaction as having reflected the actual cost of LLC in the agreement, the seller will get taxable profit.

Both provided option are evenly applicable in practice. Irrespective of the method of purchase of LLC in Kiev, lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company will provide the qualified support of the transaction on the conditions, most profitable to the customer. Our specialists are engaged not the first year in the sale of the companies in Ukraine therefore, they have the wide experience of the solution of questions of any complexity, and also fast and effective cooperation with representatives of necessary state structures.

Purchase LLC by means of lawyers – the most effective option of the fast start of business activity then it is not necessary to worry about the literacy of registration of the formality of the question.