Licence for security activity: conditions of receiving
Requirements to personnel of security firm

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As the activity of security firms is connected with danger to live, to start work the enterprise shall obtain the corresponding licence in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that, in effect, Purchase security firmjurists help to issue too. It is possible to purchase security firm as already with the licence and to issue the work authorization if the company new.

Addressing in “Alt-Brayer”, you can:

  • Purchase ready security firm with the licence;
  • Register the security firm;
  • Obtain the licence for security activity.

The companyes with licenses for security activity for sale

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Kiev, district Shevchenkovsky

VAT from 01.03.2016

License for security activity



Kiev, district Shevchenkovsky

VAT from 01.01.2016

License for security activity



Kiev region,

Bucha city

VAT from 01.02.2016

License for security activity

Licence for security activity: conditions of receiving

Activities for the protection of property of the companies and individuals, and also individual protection of persons as it was already told, in Ukraine are subject to obligatory licencing. Proceeding from it, the licence for security activity from bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is necessary for all legal persons, and also the business owners wishing to be engaged in the similar type of service.

The licence for security activity is legitimate across all Ukraine, and has no time restrictive frames so, having got permission once, for example, in Kiev, you can provide services in any part of the country. To receive the specified document, it is necessary to correspond to licence conditions which establish requirements to subjects of security activity, and also the organisation and implementation of protection.

That the licence for security activity appeared to you, it is necessary or to the owner of the security firm personally, or through the authorised person to file in bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the petition for issue of permission. The documents confirming observance of licence conditions, and, in particular, are put to the petition, data the management and specialists of the company are specified.

Purchase security firm in Kiev

Licence requirement look as follows:

  1. Availability among founders of firm and the staff of the company of the persons having not extinguished criminal record for intended crime, or another illegal activity is not allowed owing to what the court forbade to be engaged in security activity;
  2. In staff it is necessary to have:

— The responsible whose job responsibilities include the organisation of protection and control over firm personnel;

— Security guards, to the meeting proper requirements.

  1. Availability of the technical means of protection certified according to the current legislation;
  2. If the licence for security activity wants to receive the business owner, he shall conform to requirements to personnel of security firm.

Requirements to personnel of security firm

The subject of security activity shall provide personnel training or the prof. preparation and retraining of staff of firm, according to the requirements provided by the existing national legislation. Capable citizens of Ukraine can find a job in the security company

  • the reached 18 years;
  • the taken place corresponding training or the prof. preparation;
  • signed the employment contract with the subject of security activity.

Purchase security companyPurchase security firm – extremely responsible case, and it is important to understand all fundamental aspects of business in this sphere. Therefore buying the company, it is necessary to check observance of legislative requirements once again. However in the case of cooperation with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”, all main aspects of maintaining by the protection of activity for you will be checked by specialists.

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