One of the main services of Alt-Brayer law company is providing legal service in the field of corporate law – our jurists accompany transactions of purchase and sale of finance companies on the currency exchange. At the order, we have the list of ready legal persons with licences and without them, with turnovers and “net”, which can become yours in a couple of days.

Addressing in “Alt-Brayer”, you can be sure of the purchased business as jurists of our company guarantee legality of carrying out the transaction, and also a lack of unchecked or false data on such legal person.

So, we will help you to purchase the company on the currency exchange and to save at the same time resources on long registration and licensing of the financial company, but each head of financial organisation shall know the following information.

Who can conduct activities for the currency exchangePurchase the company on the currency exchange

According to the national legislation, the currency exchange in the territory of our state can be provided:

  • banks;
  • the non-bank financial companies which have the general licence for this service;
  • agents of banks on the basis of the corresponding agency agreement.

Procedure of registration of the financial company for the currency exchange

Registration of finance company happens on strictly established algorithm and consists of such stages:

  • registration of legal entity;
  • creation of assets;
  • professional training of the director, chief accountant and other persons from the administrative board of the legal person;
  • entering of the company into the register of financial institutions;
  • the obtaining licence of NBU;
  • registration of cash desks which will perform the currency exchange.

Conditions of obtaining the general licence

If the sale to finance company is performed, the currency exchange does not always appear in the list of the provided services. However, in this case, it is the core activity therefore not to avoid the stage of receiving the master license on the currency exchange.

One of the requirements which the financial institution for finding of the similar document shall execute is that the company shall exist in the market financial. services more than one year. Also, the activity of the legal person shall conform to legislative requirements to own means of the similar company. Let’s remind, the authorised capital can be created only in cash, but not property in any way.

Requirements for the management

The director of finance company (not obligatory the currency exchange) is obliged:

  • have finished higher education, that has a degree of the specialist or master;
  • ended professional development course that shall be confirmed with the examination decision;
  • have, at least, the two-year length of service at the position of the head of finance company and not less than 1 year to work at the markets of financial services;
  • the last 5 years shall not hold executive positions in the company which was declared by bankrupt Company on the currency exchange in Kievor which was compulsorily liquidated;
  • have an ideal reputation.

Requests to the chief accountant, in fact, same except for point on the availability of the working experience. The chief accountant shall work not less than 3 years at the leading positions connected with financial or accounting work or have similar work experience in financial markets.

We consider all these conditions at primary registration or purchase of finance company that guarantees the legality of activity of such legal person under your management. Our jurists care not only for literacy of registration of each document on the company and “purity” of the transaction of purchase and sale but also for the comfort of cooperation. So, we will be always glad to provide consultation concerning algorithm of work and current situation. We understand that we such time of the businessman, and try to submit the most comfortable service within the short time.