Main conditions of purchase of the farm
Special regime of the VAT for agricultural enterprise
Conditions of transition to the special regime of VAT
How to purchase the farm in Ukraine without risks
Purchase the farm is simple!

The international company “Alt-Brayer” works not the first year in the field of corporate law, giving the opportunity to quickly purchase the company in any industry. Maintenance of procedure of purchase and sale of farms in all territory of Ukraine is among complex legal services.

Purchasе the farm

The farm represents the specific type of business activity which consists in production, processing and sale with the head of products for the purpose of profit earning. Despite the unstable political and economic situation in the world, it is not difficult to purchase the farm at all, and even on the contrary – this activity blossoms. However the most important issue was and remains: “how it is correct to base the case or to purchase the farm?”

Main conditions of purchase of the farm

Purchase the farm, as well as any other business – it is fraught with risks, financial wastes and searches of ways of simplification of all procedure. If to involve in cooperation of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”, you can be confident in “purity” of the object as our jurists carefully analyze the main indicators of activity then on the basis of such report the client can choose the option which is most suitable for itself. Of course, only after such conclusion preparation of the package of documents of the subsequent representation of papers in necessary instances begins.

Practice shows that it is far simpler to purchase a ready farm than to organise everything from scratch. However, for the purpose of self-checking, it is necessary to know as it is correct to purchase the farm that together with it not to receive financial debts and other financial problems. So, highlights which should be checked is:

  • The earth — the major labour factor in the agrarian sector. It is very important that the farm was in the environmentally friendly zone as it will affect quality with head of products and your entrepreneurial reputation in particular;
  • Livestock. The profit which you are going to receive from farmer activity directly depends on Buy the farmthe quantity of cattle or the bird which are going to be parted. If it is about vegetable and fruit business, then everything will depend on earth. Good option will be to purchase the farm on which the greenhouse is built;
  • Equipment. Availability of cars and another equipment minimises expenses of human force, will increase overall performance that will allow gaining more income at smaller wastes.

Special regime of the VAT for agricultural enterprise

Agriculture in Ukraine is not especially developed as it is the hard work which has the risks more often connected with weather conditions that are – contingencies. However the important benefit of agricultural business is the VAT special mode for the agro enterprises.

As production and sale of agricultural products is a perspective and very important sector of the economy of Ukraine, its development is in every possible way kept and encouraged from the state. One of such regulators is the implementation of the special VAT mode for agricultural enterprises that automatically allows farms to pay the tax on special conditions. In effect, the special regime of the VAT gives the chance to landowners to send part of the revenue to treasury only by deliveries of agricultural goods and services, and it means that the majority of the enterprises which are engaged in especially agricultural activity are exempted from the VAT.

Thus, business in this sector is the profitable sphere of employment as the special regime of the VAT minimises the risks connected with unprofitability and return of the large sum to the budget of the country. In effect, purchase of the farm is quite attractive business solution from such point of view:

  • Rich natural resources of the country which create the good base for work;
  • Regular consumer;
  • Perspectives of the entry into the European market;
  • Active investigation in agriculture of Ukraine;
  • Support from the state.

Conditions of transition to the special regime of VAT

Despite the listed above benefits, not all agricultural enterprises can pass to the special regime of VAT. Only those who have such opportunity:

  • Buy the small farmmakes agricultural products and/or grows up and catches fish in lakes, ponds or water reservoirs;
  • higher than 75% of total income of the producer have the share of agricultural production.

Cannot be payers of the specific mode of VAT of the enterprise who:

  • the big half of income was gained from the sale of ornamental plants, wild animals and birds, fur products, by furs;
  • make or sell excise goods. The exception in this group is made by the sale of grape wine materials by the enterprises of primary winemaking.

How to purchase the farm in Ukraine without risks

Purchase the farm in Ukraine is half-affairs. It is necessary to construct still carefully the plan of activity, to count possible benefits and risks, etc. In business, there are no guarantees in any way that even successful purchase of the ready “working basis” will bring 100% success: the risk is always, irrespective of the sphere of employment. With the purpose to secure itself (and the farm), you can only count approximate wastes and necessary financial injections, study the situation in the market and competitive capacity then to draw conclusions on advantage or hopelessness of case.

We understand that to purchase the farm is rather difficult and responsible step, therefore, we make every effort in order that the client was quiet in the choice, and especially, in documentary support of the transaction of purchase and sale. Our lawyers will help you to understand the interesting questions concerning the bought farm, and also, if necessary, to analyze the farm regarding indicators of profitability, profitability, and other.

As it was already told, we cannot save you from risks of the crop failure, recession of the product demand, etc., however, we can protect the formality of purchase of a business. The main advantages which you get, buying the farm with the Alt-Brayer company are:

  • Absence of debt from the “old” company;
  • Complete documentary support of the transaction;
  • Accomplishment of services agrees on the price established in the agreement;
  • Guarantee of the legality of transactions.

Purchase the farm. KievPurchase the farm is simple!

So, we understood that to purchase the farm – it is always fraught with risks, as well as in any other area of business. However, the task of lawyers consists in minimising these negative nuances at the time of acquisition of a business. Co-operating with “Alt-Brayer”, you receive not just ready farm, you find:

  • on the one hand — high-quality fast service concerning providing the desired object of farmer activity;
  • on the other hand – good start in favourite case that you can develop into a profitable business.

We will help you to occupy quickly the correct niche in agrarian sector of the country without problems and excess expenses, providing competent legal maintenance of purchase of the farm.