Wedding, legalization of marriage
Modification of the marriage certificate
Registration of the child

Lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company render the full range of consultancy services concerning questions about Registry offices and accompany practical permission of questions in the state structure.

Legalization of marriageWedding, legalization of marriage

Before submission of documents the nonresident (and the resident as well) should specify the exact list of the papers necessary for giving in the Registry office. Here lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will help you:

  • To notarially translate papers;
  • Collect the complete package of documents;
  • Accompany supply of papers;
  • Accelerate all process on time and minimise costs at the same time.

All this will help both to the Ukrainian, and the foreign citizens (and it is much more difficult if to consider that not many foreigners well understand the legislation of another state) quickly and hassle-free to conclude and legalise marriage in any of Registry offices of the country.

Modification of the marriage certificate

Owing to the human factor, cases of the mistakes in the marriage certificate are frequent. It happens both because of newlyweds, and by mistake of employees of the Registry office.

In practice the mistakes can be made in:

  • To date of the event;
  • Name of young people;
  • Information on the person (date, birthplace), etc.

In the matter, it is necessary to understand that, the earlier you reveal the problem, it will be easier to permit it. Therefore, if you faced the mistake in the document confirming the fact of your wedding – go to the lawyers.

Cost of сonsultations on questions regarding Register Offices

As the cost of сonsultations on questions regarding Register Offices can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Consultations on questions regarding Register Offices
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Registration of the child

The birth of the child is, certainly, important event, however, in addition to the moments of happiness, you are waited by much more sad documentary red Registration of the childtape on this fact. It is especially difficult to make it if one of the parents is the foreign person.

So, of course, it is worth thinking of “assistants” who will provide fast permission of the question. And here you will be rescued by lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company.

The procedure of cooperation consists in the following. Happy parents shall hold documents from the hospital, and with it (plus copies of passports) they will go to the Registry office. As practice shows, at this stage, there can be difficulties when filling the state form on parents. Therefore, it is extremely important to legally accompany this procedure in order to avoid problems in the future. Lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” will help to pass assumptions of mistakes when entering into documents by employees of the Registry office that will significantly facilitate to your registration of the child.

Our lawyers will help “sort” any question connected with the Registry office, whether it is birth or death, wedding or divorce of the union, change of the name and surname, etc. Our team will guarantee you 100% up-to-date information, and in the case of cooperation the exact result while you are able to devote free time to more important issues.