Documents for removal from registration
Procedure of removal of the TS from accounting

The international law company provides services in the transport law by what helps at the re-registration and removal of the car from accounting.

Re-registration of carsIf you want to re-register the car, practically it is always necessary to strike at first the car off the register, and then already to do with it any planned actions.This procedure at direct purchase and sale of the car when both the seller, and the buyer are present at MREO is not obligatory.

It is possible to strike off the register the car in any service centre Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country. As a rule, it happens to such purpose:

  • for sale;
  • for a change of the property right (inheritance, judgement, etc.).

Documents for removal from registration

So, to remove the car from registration, it is necessary to collect and provide the following papers to the service centre Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Concerning the owner:

  • passport and its copy;
  • TIN – the original and the copy;
  • the power of attorney on the right of implementation of this procedure if the person represents the interests of the owner.

On the car it is necessary to provide:

  • auto numbers;
  • registration certificate;
  • copies of receipts on repayment of transport collecting for this and last year.

When carrying out the considered procedure availability of the car in the Ministry of Internal Affairs centre is obligatory as the expert shall examine the vehicle.

Procedure of removal of the TS from accounting

  1. The procedure for re-registration of carsThe corresponding application together with the specified package of documents is submitted to MREO. Take care of lack of penalties – it is checked on site;
  2. Further obligatory state payments, and also services of the forensic expert are paid;
  3. There is the survey of the car then on site issue the technical inspection report and verifications of registration plates of the vehicle;
  4. Further, it is necessary to gather documents concerning the car, including auto numbers and to hand over in the window of MREO where the application was submitted.

After implementation of all considered stages, the car is officially struck off the register. Respectively, the owner or the authorised person receives “residual” documents with the special mark which will participate further in registration. It will be:

  • registration certificate;
  • registration form (if technical data sheet of the new sample);
  • transit numbers (red colour);
  • receipt on payment of transport collecting.

Legal entities, in that case, will receive a much wider package of documents.


When you struck the car off the register, numbers are legal only 10 days. That is, at first, it is necessary, for example, if you want to sell the car – to find the buyer, and only then to go to MREO.

Help when you re-registration carThe most widespread basis for the re-registration is the purchase and sale therefore, the state developed the scheme when at the direct presence of both parties to the transaction, the scheme becomes simpler, and it is not necessary to remove the car from registration. In all others of cases the above-stated algorithm then the official procedure of registration of the car for the new owner, including donation, the introduction of inheritance and so forth follows is applied.

If you have no personal time for such rather long procedure as removal of the car from registration and its further re-registration, address to Alt-Brayer law company. Our jurists in the field of the transport law will represent your interests in structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that will help to issue necessary procedure quickly, and is legal. We know  how to save your time and resources until you are engaged in something more important.