The international law company “Alt-Brayer” helps the individuals to receive the status of the refugee in the territory of Ukraine.

Directly this procedure is defined by the Refugee Law and begins with giving of the certain package of documents in State Migratory Service. At this stage, the foreigner can already have problems as the legislation explains quantity and the list of necessary papers not precisely, as far as that it would be desirable. And in addition to this, it’s rather difficult to receive some of them. In such cases, it is necessary to ask for the professional help which lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company can provide.

Refugee statusWho can receive the status of the refugee?

First of all, it is necessary to be defined who is the ‘refugee’ and what rights and duties are assigned to it.

So, the REFUGEE is the foreigner or the person without citizenship who is forced to leave the country owing to prosecutions of national or racial identity, relation to religion, nationality, unstable situation in the country, etc. At the same time, if moving from the state is performed with the purpose to work, then you should not expect the finding of the considered status.

Secondly, if you arrived in the country, then better address lawyers at once, who will help in resolving the situation, and will not allow complication of the question. Also competent specialists will prompt what and where is necessary to show documents, will explain the rights and duties in the country. Of course, if you address lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”, all legal acts for you, and from your name will be made by us.

Cost of Refugee Status in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the Refugee Status in Ukraine can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Refugee Status in Ukraine
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Benefits from cooperation with lawyers

When signing from the agreement with our company, the qualified lawyers will provide you with necessary complex service, and will exempt from all problems connected with the finding of the status of the refugee of Ukraine.

What services the Alt-Brayer company can offer:

  1. Consultation concerning procedure of obtaining the status of the refugee;
  2. To receive refugee statusThe guaranteed entrance on the territory of Ukraine;
  3. Protection of interests of the client in immigration bodies of the country;
  4. Preparation for interview in department of Ukraine;
  5. Preparation and submission of all necessary documents;
  6. Acquisition for the client of the status of the refugee.

If competent, legally correct help in paperwork is necessary for you, then address to the Alt-Brayer company. We will take care of all nuances of the case and we will submit result within the shortest possible time.