Registration of structural division of the company can testify only to the positive condition of business, and “Alt-Brayer” is ready to share with you this pleasure, having registered branch in any corner of the country on absolutely legal grounds.

Register of the branchOur company offers the services not only to Ukrainians but also nonresidents. Specialists of “Alt-Brayer” will help to understand the difference between branch and division, and also to choose the most suitable form of division, having issued it under the Law. Moreover, having addressed us, you will be able:

  • receive detailed characteristics of the legal status of branch and representation;
  • discuss positive and negative sides, and also features of the taxation of branches and representations;
  • receive answers to other questions concerning the case in point.

Specifics of activity of branch

The Ukrainian legislation does not establish the accurate difference between branch and representative office, however in practice differentiation of functions is especially notable. The branch is the division of the particular legal entity performing its functions fully or partially and which location differs from finding of the main office. The similar division has the number of features:

  • not the legal entity;
  • it is allocated with the corporate property;
  • conducts activity on the basis of the functions provided by the main office;
  • the head is appointed by the legal entity and acts by proxy.

In difference from representation, the functional burden of branch is defined by the right of accomplishment of all functions of the company, namely:

  • represent the interests of the enterprise;
  • participate in a business activity;
  • implement main objectives of the activity.

Features of registration

Register of the branch in KievTo register a branch, it is better to address, of course, at once to the Alt-Brayer company to relieve themselves from long and enough tiresome campaigns on state instances, preparation and obtaining documents, etc. It will be for this purpose necessary to provide us the following information and documents:

  • copies of constituent papers of the main enterprise;
  • passport copies and TIN of the head of the branch;
  • the name of division (on Ukr., Russian, English languages);
  • core activities of the branch;
  • future location;
  • the power of attorney on the representation of interests.

Specialists of our company with pleasure will offer you the legal aid accompanied by the procedure of registration of branch, both the resident, and the foreign legal person. Our jurists will consult you concerning the legislation and directly procedure of creation of division, will make and will create the necessary package of documents, will pay all payments, will organise meetings with obligatory representatives of government institutions, notaries, and many other things.

We will relieve you of the unnecessary efforts connected with the expansion of business, and we will only help to extend and achieve freely the goals, without caring for formal maintenance of questions.