The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy and legal services to subjects of business activities in the field of creation of the companies, one of the directions of which is registration of the public joint-stock company (PJSC) in all territory of Ukraine.

Registration of public joint stock company (PJSC)The essence of a joint-stock company is shown in the special method of forming of authorized capital, namely – it is provided by shares or shares according to which founders bear responsibility for the business. In a public joint-stock company, the number of such participants can exceed 100 people, unlike the private joint-stock company.

Standards of registration of PJSC

The similar form of the enterprise is not the most popular, however quite effective for conducting large-scale business. The priority party of PJSC is that the organization is created for the purpose of the attraction of the large capital which as well as during its creation, and in the course of further activity due to listing in stock markets.

The legislation of our country accurately establishes rules of creation of joint-stock companies in Ukraine. The features which in something are similar have the different forms of the joint-stock company, however, have the essential difference. So, the numbers of participants, the size of the obligatory start capital, etc. specifically registers as much as possible.

Registration of PJSC has such features:

  • the number of shareholders can make from 1 person, and indefinitely;
  • shares can be placed both in broad access, and within the private circle;
  • the size of authorized capital makes not less than 1250 minimum wages for a moment when there is the registration of PJSC;
  • it is necessary to register the share issue;
  • the conclusion of the agreement with depositary on service of the issue of shares, or the alternative agreement is obligatory;
  • not an excellent condition – the creation of the Supervisory board if the number of participants of PJSC exceeds 10 people.

Procedure of registration of public joint-stock company

Registration of PJSC procedureAs well as the creation of any other enterprise in Ukraine, registration of PJSC demands knowledge of corporate law, or the help of jurists who will take care of correctness of carrying out procedure, including registration of papers and complete maintenance of process.

Registration of PJSC happens as follows:

  1. Determination of the name of society;
  2. Preparation of constituent documents;
  3. Notarial authentication of documents;
  4. Payment of the state duties;
  5. Registration and statement of PJSC for accounting in all state. funds;
  6. Approval of the sketch and help in production of the seal;
  7. Consultation and assistance when opening the bank account for society;
  8. Registration in Tax Authorities;
  9. Preparation and submission of necessary documents for registration of the share issue;
  10. Preparation and supply of papers and the statement in National Depositary;
  11. Conclusion of the service agreement of issue. with Depositary;
  12. Preparation and carrying out shareholder meeting;
  13. Obtaining registration certificate of the share issue;
  14. Distribution of events among founders;
  15. Receiving the papers confirming the property right to events.

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Registration of the PJSC in UkraineThe registration of PJSC accompanied with lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company always goes without problems because the qualified lawyers do not allow any tightening in the process, or mistakes in documents which can create difficulties. Therefore, having entrusted us the creation of PJSC, you can be sure that you receive a good result; registration of public joint-stock will not bring you any unpleasant “surprises” which will become further the barrier to successful conducting your business.