The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultations and legal services for national subjects of business activities, and also the foreign companies on the creation and the opening of the auto enterprises (ATE) in all territory of Ukraine and in the city of Kiev. In effect, we provide maintenance of such transactions:

  • registration of the motor transportation enterprise (ATE) / registration of the motor transport service;
  • Opening and registration of the code ATE motor transport service / code.

Auto enterprise (ATE)Registration of ATE: need of carrying out procedure

For registration of the first car (and also the following 14 cars) in bodies of GAI, the legal entity needs to undergo the procedure of receiving the code of the auto enterprise. This document will be used further at any appeal to GAI or MREO, be
that registration of the TECH, removal from accounting or passing of planned check-up. The documents provided for obtaining the auto code are confirmation that your transport will contain taking into account all mandatory state requirements, i.e.:

  • in specially equipped territory which is protected;
  • Under the supervision of technical and medical personnel.

To submit these documents, the enterprise needs to sign the corresponding lease agreement of the territory with the vehicle fleet meeting all the legislative requirements concerning storage of Auto enterprise in Ukrainethe tech. Also, separately it is necessary to pay attention that further registration of the car in MREO will be performed in the location of cars, irrespective of the legal address of the enterprise.

In the case when the legal entity registers vehicle fleet taking into account over 15 cars, registration of ATE of such person is necessary. In effect, registration of the auto enterprise rather labour-intensive process connected with the employment of additional employees, and other efforts. However, if the legal person has files and other divisions, registration of transport in the place of its direct parking is reasonable. At the same time, it is obligatory to have documentary confirmation of availability of the parking lot of the tech, and also the certificate of assignment of the code of the auto enterprise.

Certainly, there are schemes at which registration of ATE and obtaining the auto code are not obligatory, however from the legal point of view, it is incorrectly and not absolutely legally.

Registration of the auto enterprise with lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”

So, creation and registration of the auto enterprise demands the correct approach of tangent how to register the form of business of ATE, and also to legally use rooms and motor transport. The most important in any kind of business is the consecutive and competent maintaining the chosen type of activity according to the commonly accepted standards and the legislation that, finally, shall lead to the achievement of effective objectives.

Auto enterprise in KievHaving addressed to the Alt-Brayer company behind consultation and the legal aid, you receive “turnkey” service:

  • minimum temporary and monetary investments of you;
  • The fastest and competent accomplishment of proper procedures from lawyers of our company.

Long-term practice of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” in the field of creation and registration of the motor transportation enterprises in Ukraine allows considering all specific features of the legal entity that guarantees fast and competent permission of your question.