The professional services provided by the Alt-Brayer company – the expert in the field of law and migration law – allow registering in Kiev and other settlements of Kiev region. You can be the citizen of Ukraine or the resident of another state, for us, it is not important at all. Our legal experience allows coping with objectives equally effectively and quickly.

Temporary registration in Kiev: whether it is difficult to receive it and whether it is necessary?

Registration in KievLet’s assume, you made the decision to move for a while to the capital to adjust the business or to solve some important issues. If these affairs are connected with visits to any public institutions, no doubt that they will take an interest in the stamp in your passport – the registration in Ukraine still continues to remain the legal institute defining your relationship with the state.

Everywhere – in banks, hospitals, tax authorities – citizens are sent to solve the problems only at the place of residence.

If you decide to register in the capital, consider that the Kiev registration will be available to you only when you have the flat in which you will be registered by the pasportist. Well or, at least, you should look for the Kiev resident who will agree to register you at himself.

Solve this problem independently – it means, to put itself at different risks. To risk to get on the unfair lessor or risk, in general, to find nobody, having in vainly wasted time.

The most logical exit – to ask for the help in “Alt-Brayer” in the solution of this question. Here we will offer you the most transparent terms of cooperation and high-quality legal service.

  • we offer you only real lessors;
  • all documents are processed and signed only by you;
  • there are no hostels in the list of our options offered for lease;
  • we always keep you informed – in the case of any changes you learn about them at once;
  • we can brag about the huge number of the entrusted clients, and it is the main indicator of professionalism and legality of our activity.

Cost of registration in Ukraine

As the cost of issuance of the registration can vary depending on many factors, you have the opportunity to contact our lawyers by filling in the short form below, and determine the financial side of the question.

Residence in Kiev and region
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Temporary residence in KievThus, “Alt-Brayer” acts as the guarantor of the fact that registration will not be integrated to unpleasant surprises – all actions for its receiving are regulated by the agreements having complete legal force. Similar guarantees are obtained also by the lessor. It is the main reason that with “Alt-Brayer” the registration in Kiev is made out quicker and more simply.

Practically all difficulties at registration are caused, first of all, by the lack of trust between the tenant and the person leasing the flat, legal relations are entered by strangers. “Alt-Brayer” provides honesty and legality of receiving the registration, and it means that the question of a deficit of trust in this case simply is absent.

Registration in our company makes out the minimum for half a year.

Permanent registration in Kiev

The scenario of registration of the permanent capital registration is identical that it was already described, with only that distinction that you will not specify the lease term as it will be the constant in the lease agreement.

The registration in Kiev which is made out with “Alt-Brayer” allows winning in time noticeably. No more than one-two days should pass during the  selection of the optimal variant of lease and preparation of all required documentation.

Registration in Kiev region

The sphere of our work covers not only the capital but also the area. The registration in Kiev region is also made out extremely simple and as fast as possible. The wide partner network of “Alt-Brayer” gives us the chance to offer the clients the registration in any district of the area.

“Alt-Brayer” is not only the help in registration. It is competent consultation on any legal issue and, of course, the guarantee that your civil interests will be reliably protected and provided by the best lawyers of Kiev.

Examples of the documents received by company Alt-Brayer

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