The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides legal and consultancy services to citizens of Ukraine and foreigners. Assistance at registration of commercial and non-commercial organizations, including – registration of bank falls within the scope of our practice.

Registration of the bankAny citizen of Ukraine understands the need of availability for the country of banks. Thanks to functions which perform these financial institutions physical persons and legal entities can obtain loans as for personal, and for dealing purposes, to transfer money, and other functions. In particular, allocate such main aspects of activity of banks:

  • storage of money;
  • organization of financial flows;
  • economic management;
  • exchange mediation;
  • credits.

The main requirements for registration of bank

Registration of non-bank economic societies is performed by bodies of local executive power while registration of commercial bank shall take place in National bank of Ukraine in Kiev, irrespective of location and the direction. Since that moment when the NBU gives a green light”, the bank is considered created and purchases the status of officially registered a legal entity.

Registration of commercial bank can happen in shape:

  • joint-stock companies;
  • limited liability companies;
  • co-operative organizations.

Legal entities and physical persons, including residents and nonresidents can be participants of bank institution. Also officially the state on behalf of the Cabinet or bodies authorized by it can take part in work. Have no legal opportunity to be participants – legal persons in whom the bank owns 10 and more percent of authorized capital, and also associations of citizens, religious and charitable organizations.

As registration of bank is performed

Registration of the Bank in Ukraine

Registration of bank is considered the relevant information ended after entering into the State register of banks then financial organization finds the status of the new created legal entity of Ukraine. Such event is obligatory is confirmed by issue by National bank of Ukraine of the certificate of its state registration in the established form.

There is the registration as follows:

  • Authorized persons represent to National bank of Ukraine the certain package of documents which is specially prepared to start registration of bank;
  • The National Bank within the week from the moment of representation of papers opens the provisional account for the purpose of accumulation of contributions of founders and other participants of the organization;
  • The decision on registration of financial organization in the order established by the legislation (or about refusal in providing such service) accepts, of course, National bank of Ukraine. There is it no later than on the expiration of three months term from the moment of giving of the complete package of documents.

Registration of bank institution – one of the extremely important and difficult procedures if you intend to provide banking services in Ukraine. Independently it is extremely difficult to perform it actions, therefore, it is recommended to involve in cooperation of lawyers who specialize in the commercial right, and jurists of the Alt-Brayer company will be the best assistants in such case.

Registration of the Bank in KievGranting to our specialists the right of maintenance of procedure of legitimation of banking activity in Ukraine, you can be sure that registration of bank will be performed as fast as possible, legally, is transparent, and without effects. We warrant for a qualitative positive result which will serve as the correct and reliable start for your business in the bank burden of the country.