The Alt-Brayer company gives help in questions of registration of the enterprises in all territory of Ukraine. If you are going to be engaged in own business and at the initial stage faced the need of registration of the enterprise, we will help you to cope with this task for record-breaking small terms.

Registration of companies in KievUpon, it is impossible to call registration of the enterprises such difficult procedure. And, it is not important at all, registration of small enterprise or difficult registration of industrial complex is carried out – Ukraine in this respect has rather loyal legislation.

However, many companies offering to young entrepreneurs of service in the simplified registration quite often use insufficient awareness of the clients, issuing this procedure for something incredibly difficult. In turn, it gives the chance to unfairly overstate the price of the services.

The price which to you will be offered in “Alt-Brayer» is entirely reasonable and connected directly with procedural expenses and real time which will be spent on registration.

Procedure of registration

For registration of the enterprise, you need to come in tax in the city which you are going to open the company, or in the place of the registration if you are going to be registered as the business owner.

As for documents for registration of the enterprise, you will need to take with yourself:

  • Registration of enterprises in Kievthe decision of the founders creating the new enterprise;
  • the foundation agreement and the charter in which the description of the subject and purpose of work, your principle of forming of the capital and power of managing bodies will be the main information;
  • the receipt which will confirm that you paid the registration fee;
  • the document with structure and the list of founders;
  • besides, you will need to fill the registration form, but it to you will be issued already directly in tax, that is you will be able to resolve this issue directly on the site.

Registration of the new enterprise with “Alt-Brayer”

Not only registration of the enterprises in Kiev, but also registration of the companies in any other settlements of Ukraine is within the remit of our company.

How to register the enterprise in Ukraine with “Alt-Brayer”? Everything is very simple. You address our employee, providing him the minimum of documents, and in one-two days, you on hands have the ready registration document having complete legal force. Besides, we will consult on the subject of how it is correct to make statutory, contractual and other documents for your company that they were faultless from the point of view of the law.

Company registration KyivThe efficiency of our work is caused, first of all, by harmonious work and extensive experience of our specialists, and also accurate customer interaction and bodies of registration. And, it is absolutely unimportant where registration of the enterprise is specifically carried out – it will not be reflected in terms of registration in any way.

Thus, a joint operation with “Alt-Brayer” allows saving time, first of all. Also, our cooperation gives confidence that your business interests will appear under reliable protection, and procedure will be followed by highly qualified specialists from the beginning before full completion.