The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy and legal services for subjects of business activities in the field of creation and registration of finance companies and organisations, and in particular – registration of credit unions, legitimate in all territory of Ukraine.

Conditions and procedure for registration

Registration of a credit union

The purpose of creation of credit union is providing the mutual credit of participants of such consolidation at the expense of the generalised money contributions of members of the union. After the relevant decision of members of the constituent, assembly consolidation can be created and registered.

Registration of credit union, in fact, includes 3 stages:

  1. Registration of the organisation in the Unified state register, as legal persons;
  2. Entering of consolidation into the Register of financial institutions of National committee of financial services;
  3. Registration in State financial monitoring.

Powers of the union

Credit unions have the right to be engaged only in activity which is stated in the relevant Law. So, the sphere of provision of services is limited to the list of such transactions:

  • Creation of a credit union KievLoan granting to participants of such union on the commonly accepted conditions, as “live” money, and in the non-cash form;
  • Acceptance and the corresponding registration of shares, and also other payments from participants of the union;
  • The guarantee for execution by the participant of credit formation of obligations to the third parties;
  • The attraction of monetary investments of the members on the established conditions for opening and replenishment of deposit accounts;
  • Loan granting to other credit unions;
  • The attraction of the credits and other financial resources for providing loans to participants of the union;
  • Performance by the member of payment service providers, and also the provision of services on money transfer;
  • Payment at the request of participants of credit consolidation of the cost of goods (works, services) within the credit loan issued by it;
  • Implementation of charity at the expense of specially created means for the similar activity of funds.

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