The Alt-Brayer law company provides legal services for subjects of business activities in the field of creation and registration of divisions and branches of the Ukrainian and foreign companies in all territory of Ukraine. As branches and representations are not legal persons, the procedure of their legitimation is a little simpler what, in turn, allows the bistro to register structural division without excess finance and time expenditure.

Differentiation and features of divisions

Registration of divisionsAccording to the Law, between branch and representation of the difference does not exist as they are integrated by one general thesis – the isolated structural division. However, it does not mean that in the practice of their power and function are identical.

  • The branch is the separately located division of the particular legal entity performing everything or part of its functions;
  • The representation, in fact, this similar forming, as well as branch, however, makes representation and protection of interests of “the” company.

Similar lines

The main common feature of branches and representations is that both of them have no status of the legal entity. At the same time, similar divisions are allocated with corporate property and act on the basis of the powers conferred upon them by the legal person. Heads are appointed by directly main office which provides them the power of attorney for work.


The difference between representations has more functional character. The matter is that the branch has the right to carry out part or all functions of the company, so not only to represent the interests but also the primacy participation in its business activity, to implement main objectives. Along with it, essential difference from representations which are equipped only with representative function is felt.


Form of business


Representative office of the Ukrainian company

Representative office of the foreign company


All specified procedures competently are followed by our lawyers on legal grounds. Everything that is required from the client – it is to come to the office, to provide the minimum package of documents and to sign the power of attorney on lawyers of “Alt-Brayer”.

Necessary documents

For registration of division the state registrar needs to provide:

  • Registration card (form 5);
  • The protocol concerning creation of division;
  • The power of attorney on the representation of interests.

Procedure of registration

Registration of divisions KievCreation of separate division by lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company includes the following stages:

  • preparation of the established package of documents;
  • registration in the Uniform Register;
  • registration in the pension fund in the location;
  • registration in fiscal service in the location;
  • production of the seal upon the demand of the customer;
  • obtaining the certificate of the payer of the single tax – at the discretion of the client.

All work on registration of divisions in the territory of Ukraine is familiar to our lawyers from within as they performed maintenance of such and similar transactions in practice more than once. Owing to this fact the Alt-Brayer company guarantees the high speed and efficiency of permission of any question connected with the registration of representation or branch, and in particular – its creations in our country.