Full associationThe Alt-Brayer law company provides consultations and services for subjects of business activities in the field of company registration and the enterprises in all territory of Ukraine. One of the profiles of work on the matter is registration of the full association (FA).

Our specialists in corporate law quickly and in a complex resolve any sort the issues concerning creation and registration FA in Ukraine that allows the client to receive a firm, ready for use, for the shortest deadlines and on legal grounds.

Rules of functioning of full association

The full association represents the form of the enterprise which participants act on the basis of the foundation agreement which they sign at the basis FA, and make business activity on behalf of this partnership. They bear responsibility for the activity of society all the property.

For the visible reasons, the form of business of full association is not very demanded from entrepreneurs; however, it is only possible to perform some types of activity through FA. The activity of pawnshops in financial sector concerns to them, for example.

Step-by-step procedure of registration of FA:

  1. Determination of the exact name of society;
  2. Preparation of constituent documents (charter, protocols, types of KVED, etc.);
  3. Notarially authentication of papers;
  4. Payment of the state fees;
  5. Registration and registration in all necessary state funds;
  6. Preparation of the sketch, approval, and production of the seal;
  7. Opening of the settlement account in bank;
  8. Statement of the FA on accounting as the payer of the VAT (it is carried out at desired).

Necessary information

Our specialists, of course, will make the maximum for the client; however, there are fundamental moments of cooperation which should be discussed before the procedure. In particular, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” from you will need providing the following information:

  1. To create a complete associationSize of the depository capital;
  2. Form of deposits of participants to education (property and/or money) and the size of shares of each founder;
  3. Legal address of society;
  4. Phone number for public relations;
  5. System of the taxation (the general, simplified, including VAT or excluding VAT, etc.);
  6. Types of activity according to KVED;
  7. Bank in which it is necessary to open the account.

It is not obligatory to prepare these data in advance as on consultation lawyers will help to define with all above-mentioned aspects. Jurists of the Alt-Brayer company will undertake all burden of procedure of registration of full association that will allow to receive quickly desirable result, without using to it almost any efforts.