The Alt-Brayer law company provides complex services for natural persons on registration of private business. In particular, lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” promote registration of natural persons of entrepreneurs (FLP) / subjects of business activity (SPD) in the city of Kiev and Kiev region.

Necessary papers

Registration of IEThis form of conducting business activities is rather easy and profitable as the business owner it is necessary to provide the minimum package of documents including only from 2 papers for registration of the natural person:

  1. Photocopy of the passport (including the page with the registration);
  2. A copy of the TIN.

It is necessary to pay attention that registration of the natural person entrepreneur happens in the place of its accommodation therefore for implementation of procedure, for example, in Kiev, it is necessary to have the Kiev registration.

Main stages of registration of FLP/SPD

Registration of FLP will look as follows:

  • Determination of types of activity in which your organization which need to be approved with KVED will be engaged. This stage is very important as maintaining some types of activity in Ukraine requires licensing, patents, or other allowing documents, and it complicates the beginning of work a little;
  • registration of FLP. For this purpose it is necessary to provide the established package of documents to territorial state bodies in the place of the registration of the registered natural person (executive committees of city council, or at district public administrations);
  • Registration of individuals-entrepreneursRegistration in bodies of tax authorities was the third point earlier. But now in similar actions, there is no need for the statement from EGRPOU confirms state registration of the subject of entrepreneurship and its formation for accounting in state instances. statistics, BEND Ukraine, and also the Pension fund of Ukraine;
  • Choice of the order of the taxation and registration of the book;
  • Production of the seal. According to the legislation, natural person entrepreneurs can act without seal, but if you decided to get the personal stamp – better to address to the specialized companies;
  • The opening of the bank account.

The Alt-Brayer company has the extensive experience in the solution of similar affairs, therefore, we with guarantee will achieve for your positive result on the task provided to us. In addition to high-quality legal services, our specialists will provide you exhaustive consultations concerning the interesting question, and will help with the solution of any, even small, problems.