The process of the issue is the way of entry into turnover of bonds and events; their distribution among investors in the order established by the law.

Issue of securitiesThe end result which the organisation which issued these securities on light expects is attraction of additional money owing to:

  • the building of authorised capital (if it is in particular about the share issue);
  • Acquisitions of borrowings by means of the bond issue.

Issue is the process assuming under itself obligatory passing of such stages as:

  1. The moment of adoption of the collective solution of the concerning creation of issue papers and his final approval.
  2. Direct registration of issue of securities by state structures.
  3. The process of share transfer or bonds to their primary owners.
  4. Providing in registering body of the closing statement notifying on that, how exactly, in what time and with what result production of issue papers was made.

The process of the issue is performed under strict control of the state and its bodies which the main objective is ensuring financial safety and stabilisation of the situation in the security market.

As there takes place registration of issue of securities

Registration of issue of securities KievAll securities are exposed to obligatory registration by specialised state divisions. The law fixed term throughout which the organisation issuer undertakes to submit documents for registration.

So, on state registration papers from which date of an issue there did not pass 90 days yet shall be provided. The term of registration of the month is supposed legislative documents only in two cases:

  • Case І – when releasing joint stock company of the events and bonds which are giving into conversion.
  • Case ІІ – if the organisation or natural person passes the way of own registration with the subsequent distribution of securities between the participants.

Refusal in registration and existence of the bases, real on that

Cases, when the state body which is carrying out registration makes the decision on refusal, are frequent. Rules oblige to give to the organisation which is carrying out the issue, the motivated reason of the refusal to registration. And the main thing is to make it no later than the month of the moment when the issuer submitted the folder of documents.

Registration of issue of securities happens on the template established by the law to the steady list of documentation necessary for successful passing of registration. The premises leading to refusal are also established by legislative regulatory legal acts.

Registration of issue of securities UkraineAs the most popular reasons for unwillingness to perform registration are considered:

  • providing false information by the organisation issuer about or own activity;
  • availability of the violations connected with the process of release or the direct address with securities;
  • not completely collected package of documents;
  • the not introduction of subjects to tax payment, necessary for the successful end of procedure of issue.

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