The Alt-Brayer law company provides complex legal services for joint-stock companies, both private, and public in all territory of Ukraine, on maintenance of registration of the join-stock issue.

The registration of the sharesModern business of the relation develops in such a way that joint-stock companies at the moment are the most effective and therefore – the widespread form of business of large commercial organizations. And though the similar companies have some difficulties in management, the joint-stock companies are rather attractive to investment into force of providing such priority opportunities:

  • quickly and comfortably to attract the supplementary capital through the issue of join-stocks;
  • control work of society in case of ownership of the main join-stock block, and it is the good guarantee of safety of invested funds.

Need of registration of join-stocks

Securities (including – join-stocks) provide to their owners the equal rights and duties, irrespective of the term of acquisition and placement in the stock market. Naturally, the join-stock issue cannot uncontrolled be performed therefore it has to be recorded in accordance with the established procedure, that is registration of join-stocks is necessary.

Registration of the join-stock issue for the joint-stock company is performed by State commission on securities, and there is it in the case:

  • increase or reduction of authorized capital;
  • consolidations of join-stocks;
  • the crushing of join-stocks;
  • by reorganization of society (transition to “the joint-stock model”, primary registration of join-stocks).

Registration of the join-stock issue by means of lawyers

Registration of join-stocks has the nuances which can arise depending on the case. Such procedure demands the careful compliance with the law of Ukraine, and also, it is, in addition, necessary to know and understand specific requirements concerning work with securities and in the stock market in general. Therefore, nonprofessional registration of the above-stated changes, violation of algorithm of decision making about join-stock placing, and many other things can influence receiving refusal in registration of issue of securities and as the worst option of a succession of join-stocks – registration of join-stocks can be frozen for some time.

The registration of the shares in UkraineIn addition, for certain abuses of regulations of issue and join-stock placing considerable penalties are provided, and it is already sufficient occasion to think of professional maintenance of case.

The experience of professionals of “Alt-Brayer” whose specialization includes registration of join-stocks allows taking into account not only specific above-mentioned features but also to effectively resolve other issues which perhaps arose in the process than it is essential to save your precious time and nerves.

Thus, having addressed to the Alt-Brayer company, registration of join-stocks will be performed in the complex with the following services:

  • organization of a general meeting of join-stockholders of society;
  • preparation of the formality of the question, i.e. package of all documents, certificates and other;
  • the qualified help at registration of the join-stock issue, including reporting documentation on this procedure;
  • the organization of publications in mass media about the decisions made during a general meeting of participants of the joint-stock company;
  • registration of join-stocks in the relevant state bodies and organizations.

To register the sharesCompetence of legal staff of the Alt-Brayer company allows providing quickly and qualitatively to the client the constituent documents registered in the legislative order together with all changes, and also the corresponding documentation concerning release and registration of join-stocks. With us, you will not just save the time, nerves and money, but also receive the integrated approach to the solution of the question, and the fastest result. Specialists of “Alt-Brayer” render the high-quality services capable for few days in the legal way to increase or reduce the authorised capital of your joint-stock company, or to register other changes in join-stocks of participants, and also work of joint-stock company in general. Co-operating with us, you learn what is high-quality service of one of the best lawyers of the country, and is not excluded that join number of regular customers of the international law company “Alt-Brayer”.