Within several years of “Alt-Brayer” is engaged in assistance to subjects of managing – to physical persons and legal entities at registration of Ltd company, both in our capital and in the territory of all Ukraine.

Registration of LLC UkraineThe beginning of the creation of own business is inevitably connected with the need of legal proper registration of the company. If already at this stage you met difficulties, we will be glad to help you. Our company provides consulting and practical services in the matter.

Register Limited Liability Company is the occupation not for one day as this process consists of several stages:

  1. it is necessary to begin with the refining of the name of the future firm which, by itself, shall not be occupied by nobody else. It is possible to be convinced of it on the website of the State register where names of all legal entities and entrepreneurs are collected;
  2. then it is necessary to decide on the type of activity which can be spotted in the special qualifier. By the way, we recommend to bring in the charter all permitted types at once – if the market introduces amendments in work of the enterprise, you, at least, should not edit the statutory document;
  3. the following stage – the choice of the founder. Here the law provides you the wide field of the choice: the limited liability company can found both natural person, and legal, and even the nonresident;
  4. designation of the size of statute fund and in what proportions it will be distributed to participants will be the terminal point. In Ltd company, as we know, the responsibility of each founder is limited to the size of this fund therefore, it is worth taking care of that from the very beginning it was distributed accurately.

Documents for registration of Ltd company

Registration of LLC KievFor registration of the enterprise, you need to visit tax authorities in the city which you are going to open the company, or in the place of the registration if you are going to be registered as the business owner.

Package of documents is what you need to take care at the second stage of. This list includes the following:

  • identification numbers and passports (or their copies) all founders;
  • if the legal entity acts as the founder, then it will be necessary to add the charter of the involved company and the document on its registration;
  • if the Ltd company is established by the nonresident legal person – to the specified list the statement from the trade register will increase.

The Very important fact is that documents need to be translated into Ukrainian, and, by itself, to certify these translations at the notary.

Services “Alt-Brayer”

Registration of turnkey Ltd company – one of the “top” services provided by our company. Not important, in what city registration of the enterprise shall be carried out – it will be Kiev or other settlement of Ukraine – our specialists will perform all necessary operations for a record-breaking short time. The company will be registered while you are engaged in other important issues.