The international law company “Alt-Brayer” provides the wide range of legal and consultancy services in the field of registration and maintenance of business activity in Ukraine, including registration of such organisations in Ukraine as the mutual investment fund (MIF).

Registration of mutual investment fund

In a broad sense, the mutual investment fund acts as the assets of investors belonging to them on the right of joint partial property which regulation is performed by the company on asset management. Actually, the unit trust is the isolated property complex which competent registration and the correct application will allow getting additional profitable benefits in different spheres of business.

Benefits of registration of share investment fund

It is not surprising at all that with updating of the market of the joint investments in Ukraine, registration unit trust purchased unprecedented popularity. The main benefit of similar funds – they give the chance to the small investor to receive similar benefits from investments in securities, along with the income of large investors (for example, banks, the companies).

Registration unit trust is definitely profitable decision for business as it is possible to distinguish from pluses of investment funds:

  • Registration of MIF in KievProfessional management of means. Property of investors in a unit trusts the qualified financial analysts of KUA which diversify investments of the fund manager, significantly reducing dependence investment. The portfolio from differences of stock prices or the bond of separate companies;
  • Investor protection. Management function and accounting of fund are equally performed by two separate structures (KUA and depositary) that allow performing the range of works more effectively;
  • Lack of the taxation. As the share fund is not the commercial organisation, the profit of the investor of unit trust is not taxed, unlike the income from sale of the investment certificate;
  • Unit trusts allow investors to enter stock market with the high potential of the income – the market available only to large investors;
  • State regulation. GKTsBFRD licences and coordinates organisation activity, servicing unit trust;
  • Information transparency. In security market, a potential investor can recognise data on the activity of investment fund, and also on the last changes or on the Internet page of managing company, or by e-mail from the managing director.

Choice of the place of registration of investment fund

Investment fund – the excellent mechanism for protection of assets at their investment, however not all precisely and truly understand the scheme of management of investment fund. So, to what it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of the country in which it will be performed registration of investment fund:

  • Requirements for licensing of investing activities;
  • Possibility of use of the closed/opened scheme of management of investment fund (the requirement to anonymity of deposits);
  • Conditions of fund raising of foreign investors;
  • Availability of the agreement about avoidance of double taxation with the countries in which capitals of the companies it is supposed to perform investments;
  • Complexity of documentary maintenance of investments, needs for separate permissions;
  • The need for the proof that the fund in the country of incorporation is registered in fiscal service.

As if “beautifully” the scheme of management of investment fund did not look, some states put the set of barriers on the way to implementation of such activity. The main task of lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” is to minimise such nuances, having performed a careful audit of the legislation and financial market of the considered territory then competently to accompany procedure of registration of investment fund.

As registration unit, trust is performed

Создание и регистрация ПИФRegistration unit trust happens only after the foundation of the company on asset management. Use of “ready” KUA as the basic element in the creation of mutual investment fund allows reducing terms of implementation of the new business project what in most cases to be the key positive factor for the client.

Within legal maintenance of registration specialists of the Alt-Brayer company perform unit trust in Ukraine:

  1. Fixation of regulations and certificate on introduction of investment fund in the state register;
  2. Opening of the current account for unit trust;
  3. The conclusion of agreements with the appraiser, the auditor, Central Securities Depository, the keeper of assets of ISI;
  4. Opening of accounts in securities in necessary state structures;
  5. Registration of the prospectus in the national commission of securities;
  6. Obtaining international identification number. Unit trust;
  7. Paperwork on the deposition of the global certificate, and also there giving in depositary.

Creation of mutual investment fund with legal assistance

Above-mentioned benefits unit trust proves once again that registration of mutual investment funds is rather a profitable transaction for a successful business. However, the direct procedure of creation of investment fund is difficult and confused. In view of the long algorithm of registration of the organisation, it is possible to draw the conclusion that without the assistance of lawyers to achieve success, in this case, impracticable.

Creation of mutual funds in UkraineSo, specialists of the Alt-Brayer company render the complex of the obligatory legal services connected with the foundation of Mutual investment funds in the territory of all Ukraine. Today registration unit trust at escort of our lawyers is profitable for several reasons. We will give the maximum help in obtaining the desirable conclusion in the organisation of security market, we will help to prepare and sign the agreement with the registrar, the auditor and other necessary subjects of the market. Long-term practice of our jurists and absolute knowledge of subtleties of the Ukrainian legislation guarantees the fast and successful completion of the case until you deal with private matters. Co-operating with us, you can be sure that registration unit trust will be executed in the best way, and you will go uninterruptedly to the planned purposes on legal grounds.