The Alt-Brayer law company renders consultancy and practical services in the field of creation and registration of political parties in all territory of Ukraine and behind its boundary.

Registration of political party

Most of the citizens who think that registration of political party will cost them with the minimum of costs of forces and money wait for a big disappointment. Wishing to create independently the organisation in practice face the extremely long process of communication with representatives of Ministry of Justice, insufficient understanding of the procedure and in particular — lack of idea of necessary documents and correctness of their filling. Therefore, at the first thought of creation of political party, it is necessary to think that in such case the help of lawyers who will in detail explain procedure is required, will tell as it is better to issue papers, and, actually, to accelerate the process.

Procedure of registration of political party

The political party is the voluntary consolidation of citizens who are supporters of the certain program of national development. As the purpose of such organisations serves assistance to the expression of the will of citizens and to its embodiment in life in this connection parties take part in elections and other versatile political actions.

State registration of political parties is performed by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine what such scheme of actions precedes to:

  1. State registration of the partyDetermination of the name of party;
  2. Preparation of constituent documents;
  3. Notarial authentication of papers;
  4. Payment of the state duties;
  5. Party registration in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (obtaining the certificate);
  6. Registration in the State administration of Ukraine (obtaining the certificate);
  7. Registration in all funds;
  8. Approval and production of the seal;
  9. Opening of the settlement account in bank;
  10. Registration in Tax Authorities.

Apparently, registration of political party – labour-intensive process in which not to do without specialists. For lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” registration of similar the organisation is part of the main practice therefore, they have experience of creation of political parties, know everything about the order of this procedure, therefore, will be able to give the qualified help in case of any complexity.

Conditions of fast registration of political party

The thorough knowledge of corporate law and long-term practice of our jurists allows to consider all your political goals and tasks therefore to provide the full range of high-quality legal services, namely:

  • consultation on questions of the legislation and corporate law;
  • representation of interests in state bodies;
  • preparation and registration of the package of documents;
  • assistance at the accomplishment of the state requirements;
  • registration of the political party in due form.

Registration of a political party KyivIn the light of recent boom of registration of political parties in Ukraine, the state seriously complicated procedure of their creation, but not to leave tools in hands of separately taken elite. Changes are so essential that for really important initiative groups registration of political party accepts the position of a unrealizable dream. However, thanks to lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company procedure as much as possible will become simpler. Co-operating with our jurists, you not only will get rid of bureaucratic red tape but also receive the fast result, without using to it the essential efforts.