The Alt-Brayer company is not the first year in the operating market of legal services and provides the wide and qualitative range of services in many spheres of business activities. The practicing of the organization is one of the main company registration and the enterprises in all territory of Ukraine, and in particular – registration of the private enterprise (PE).

Features of action of private enterprise in the territory of Ukraine

The private enterprise represents the form of business of the legal entity. A feature of similar formations is that, as a rule, they are based on a property of one owner – natural person, however in practice, there are also exceptions to the rule.

Registration of PEWho can start a private enterprise?

Under the law of Ukraine, all capable citizens of the country which already performed 18 years can carry on business. After implementation of registration of such type of activity, a person receives the status of the natural person of the entrepreneur (NPE).

Who cannot be the owner of private enterprise?

Have no right to combine the main work with business activity:

  • public servants (including the persons who are on active duty);
  • the staff of bodies of prosecutor’s office, State Security Service of Ukraine, Ministry of Internal Affairs, vessels and other state bodies;
  • persons who are forbidden to perform selected activity by a court decision.

Procedure of registration of private enterprise includes the following stages:

  1. Private enterpriseExact determination of the name of the enterprise;
  2. Preparation of constituent documents private enterprises;
  3. Notarial authentication of the package of documents;
  4. Payment of the state duties and payments;
  5. Registration and registration in all obligatory funds;
  6. Approval of the sketch of the seal and its production;
  7. Complicity when opening the settlement account in bank;
  8. Registration of private enterprise as the payer of the VAT or the single tax, or in accordance with general practice.

The Alt-Brayer company has the wide experience in carrying out similar affairs, therefore, having entrusted our registration of the private enterprise, you can be sure of the fast and qualitative solution of the question. We will mobilize all forces for providing necessary result while you spend personal resources for more important tasks.