The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultations and practical services for subjects of the business in the field of creation and company registration and the enterprises in all territory of Ukraine. If you had the need to register private joint-stock company – our employees with pleasure will undertake this case!

Private joint stock companyConditions of registration of joint-stock company

Creation PJSC is rather profitable decision at start of business activity as the similar form of the organization has the mass of pluses expressed by conditions of registration of private joint-stock companies in Ukraine:

  • Both the companies and natural persons, including nonresidents, can be founders PJSC. Registration of private joint-stock company with the capital of one founder is also possible;
  • Seed capital of the organization shall be of 1250 minimum wages if to take in attention the size of this amount for a moment when there is the registration of joint-stock company;
  • Registration is PJSC performed after introduction not less than 50% of the size of the share of each participant in society;
  • The start capital can be formed both money, and property;
  • PJSC answers for the obligations all property while shareholders risk the only cost of the shares owned by them;
  • Shareholders of the enterprise have advantages upon purchase of shares of other participants of it PJSC;
  • The system of the taxation is similar to the system of Ltd company.

Registration PJSC: as it occurs

Registration of joint-stock company represents a long multistage process which demands time, forces and considerable concentration on details. The slightest mistake in calculations or documents can pull for itself big problems in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to approach it the case with all responsibility.

The procedure of registration of PJSCThat registration was PJSC performed competently and successfully, it is necessary to pass the following stages:

  1. Approval of the name of the private joint-stock company (PJSC);
  2. Drawing up constituent documents;
  3. Notarial authentication of papers;
  4. Payment of the state duties;
  5. Fixation in state funds;
  6. Approval and production of the seal;
  7. Opening of the settlement account;
  8. Fixation in Tax Authorities;
  9. Submission of documents on registration of the share issue;
  10. Representation of the package of papers and the statement in National Depositary (assignment of ISIN);
  11. Carrying out the constituent assembly of the joint-stock company;
  12. Obtaining registration certificate of the share issue;
  13. Share placing among the private circle of founders;
  14. Obtaining the right claiming documents for shares.

Thanks to lawyers of “Alt-Brayer” some of the stages can be reduced or simplified, and also to combine. Without knowing authentically the legislation, to impractically avoid bureaucratic tricks which influence the tightening of the process however who as not lawyers know all subtleties of procedure and can prevent the emergence of any problems.

Registration of private joint-stock company with lawyers

The international company “Alt-Brayer” provides the complex solution of all questions in the field of registration of business, and private joint-stock companies in particular. Our lawyers will provide for you consultations and the full range of legal services that will allow completing case successfully and for the shortest terms.

Registration of the PJSC in UkraineRegistration of private joint-stock company with lawyers of the Alt-Brayer company will be performed much quicker, than at independent conducting business as the professionalism of the accompanying organization was always the decisive factor during the creation of the enterprise of any pattern of ownership. Having such consultant and the contractor as the Alt-Brayer company, registration of private joint-stock company will not bring upon owners trouble, will be performed quickly and competently, guaranteeing the quality of registration of each paper and all procedures in general.