The Alt-Brayer law company provides consultancy and legal services in the field of creation and registration of finance companies and organizations. One of the main profiles of work in this industry is registration of the investment fund operating in all territory of Ukraine.

Than registration of investment fund is profitable

Registration of investment fundInvestment fund is very important participant of the security market. Such organizations are one of the important and effective instruments of accumulation of financial resources of legal and financial entities, distribution of investments and management of financial flows.

So, registration of investment fund is very profitable business method because it has the set of benefits which can be connected in certain groups and to provide as follows:

Structural benefits:

  • Thanks to investment fund, the financial investments in Ukraine can be positioned as foreign;
  • In comparison with the fund, is more productive structure for implementation investment and financial transactions;
  • The structure of fund consists in such a way that investors bear the limited liability on the capital investments.

Tax bonuses:

  • The investment fund, inherently activity, does not pay the obligatory income tax (on enhancement of the capital), and also the succession duty and donation;
  • Dividends and interests which are paid by fund “ward”, as a rule, are assessed by means of the reduced or fixed rates, and also, options of lack of the taxation on these transactions are provided.

Safety of assets:

  • The property placed in fund is out of department of creditors and state bodies;
  • Thanks to the functionality of fund, the investor can legally be discharged of the property, but keep at the same time the certain level of control and management of the manor.

Registration of corporate investment fund

Corporate investment fundThe Corporate Investment Fund (CIF) is created in the form of joint-stock company for joint investment. Registration and direct activity of fund are regulated by the legislation which establishes the following features of functioning of such organizations:

  • Registration of investment fund excludes creation of executive body;
  • As owners of KIF both natural persons and legal person residents and nonresidents can act;
  • “Power” in fund belongs to General meeting and the Supervisory board.

All decisions in the organization are made by its participants as Registration Corporation of investment fund is performed in the form of joint-stock company. The main work of KIF is assigned to the company on asset management with which the first signs the relevant agreement. According to this agreement, KUA acts for the benefit of KIF, at his expense, and from his name. Such cooperation in the certain sense is even profitable to KIF as in case of disagreements, the investment fund can refuse company services on asset management without vital issues and financial penalties.

Registration of fund: the facilitated solution of the question

If for your professional activity registration of fund as a part of which you will be able to put efficiently the financial resources is profitable, you will be helped with it by the Alt-Brayer company. Our lawyers authentically know – as it is correct to process documents, to carry out procedure and to save your time and money.

Corporate investment fund KievAnyway, registration of fund at escort of lawyers is performed far quicker, more competently and more effectively, than carrying out such procedure independently. There is the huge number of factors which can adversely affect the basis of IF:

  • Ignorance of subtleties of the legislation;
  • Mistakes in documents;
  • Not thorough ownership of practical skills of conducting procedure, etc.

Therefore, having entrusted case to specialists of the Alt-Brayer company, you can be sure that you receive the best result, with the guarantee of the correct registration of each document.